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Detailed Translations for concrete from English to Spanish


concrete adj

  1. concrete (tangible; touchable)

concrete [the ~] noun

  1. the concrete (reinforced concrete)
    el hormigón; el concreto
  2. the concrete (hard cement; stone-cement)
  3. the concrete
    el hormigón

Translation Matrix for concrete:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
concreto concrete; reinforced concrete
hormigón concrete; reinforced concrete
mortero de gravilla concrete; hard cement; stone-cement
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
concreto concrete; tangible; touchable businesslike; cool
perceptible concrete; tangible; touchable audible; clear; discernible; identifiable; noticeable; palpable; perceptible; phenomenal; recognisable; recognizable; tangible; visible
tangible concrete; tangible; touchable

Related Words for "concrete":

  • concreteness, concretes, concretely, concretion

Synonyms for "concrete":

Antonyms for "concrete":

Related Definitions for "concrete":

  1. capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary1
    • concrete objects such as trees1
  2. formed by the coalescence of particles1
  3. a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water1
  4. form into a solid mass; coalesce1
  5. cover with cement1
    • concrete the walls1

Wiktionary Translations for concrete:

  1. solidify
  2. cover with concrete
  1. building material
  1. made of concrete
  2. not abstract
  3. particular, perceivable, real

Cross Translation:
concrete hormigón; concreto Beton — aus Zement, Wasser und Gesteinskörnung hergestellter Baustoff
concrete concreto konkret — sinnlich erfahrbar, anschaulich; wirklich; gegenständlich
concrete concreto concreet — in realiteit bestaand
concrete hormigón béton — Matériau de construction
concrete cimiento ciment — constr|fr (histoire) mélange de briques pulvériser et de chaux dont on faisait un mortierréf|2.

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