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Detailed Translations for detest from English to Spanish


to detest verb (detests, detested, detesting)

  1. to detest (abhor; loathe)

Conjugations for detest:

  1. detest
  2. detest
  3. detests
  4. detest
  5. detest
  6. detest
simple past
  1. detested
  2. detested
  3. detested
  4. detested
  5. detested
  6. detested
present perfect
  1. have detested
  2. have detested
  3. has detested
  4. have detested
  5. have detested
  6. have detested
past continuous
  1. was detesting
  2. were detesting
  3. was detesting
  4. were detesting
  5. were detesting
  6. were detesting
  1. shall detest
  2. will detest
  3. will detest
  4. shall detest
  5. will detest
  6. will detest
continuous present
  1. am detesting
  2. are detesting
  3. is detesting
  4. are detesting
  5. are detesting
  6. are detesting
  1. be detested
  2. be detested
  3. be detested
  4. be detested
  5. be detested
  6. be detested
  1. detest!
  2. let's detest!
  3. detested
  4. detesting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for detest:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abominar abhor; detest; loathe
aborrecer abhor; detest; loathe
detestar abhor; detest; loathe hate; loathe
odiar abhor; detest; loathe hate; loathe
tener horror a abhor; detest; loathe abhor; be horrified; have a horror; loathe; shudder
- hate

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Synonyms for "detest":

Antonyms for "detest":

Related Definitions for "detest":

  1. dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards1
    • She detests politicians1

Wiktionary Translations for detest:

  1. to dislike

Cross Translation:
detest aborrecer; abominar; detestar verfoeien — afschuw hebben van
detest aborrecer; detestar verafschuwen — afschuw hebben voor
detest detestar verabscheuen — (transitiv) Abscheu gegen jemanden oder etwas empfinden
detest aborrecer; detestar; abominar abhorreravoir en horreur.
detest abominar; detestar; aborrecer abominer — Avoir en horreur, détester, haïr.
detest detestar; aborrecer; abominar; despreciar détester — (vieilli) maudire.
detest execrar exécreravoir en exécration, avoir en horreur, abominer.