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Detailed Translations for discretion from English to Spanish


discretion [the ~] noun

  1. the discretion (consent)
    el consentimiento; la discreción
  2. the discretion (delicacy; decency; consideration)
    la delicadeza; la consideración

Translation Matrix for discretion:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
consentimiento consent; discretion acceptance; access; admission; admittance; agreement; allowance; approval; authorisation; authority; authorization; be satisfied with; consent; fiat; granting; licence; license; mandate; permission; permit; power; power of attorney; safe-conduct; safeguard; sanctioning; social assistance; supply of information; supplying; written agreement
consideración consideration; decency; delicacy; discretion becomingness; clemency; compassion; compliance; consideration; considered opinion; considering; decency; deliberation; emotionalism; forbearance; gentility; ground; in deference to; indulgence; kindness; leniency; meditation; mercy; observation; propriety; reflection; reflexion; respectability; seemliness; sensitivity; thought; tolerance
delicadeza consideration; decency; delicacy; discretion becomingness; decency; delicacy; emotionalism; gentility; irritability; over-sensitiveness; propriety; respectability; seemliness; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity; subtleness; touchiness
discreción consent; discretion concealment; confidentiality; demureness; having no pretentions; modesty; privacy; secrecy; secret; simplicity; stealth
- circumspection; delicacy; discernment; discreetness; free will; prudence
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- delicacy; discernment; discrimination; judgement; tac; tactfulness

Related Words for "discretion":

Synonyms for "discretion":

Related Definitions for "discretion":

  1. the trait of judging wisely and objectively1
  2. the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies1
  3. knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress1
    • the servants showed great tact and discretion1
  4. refined taste; tact1
  5. freedom to act or judge on one's own1

Wiktionary Translations for discretion:

Cross Translation:
discretion recato; parsimonia; prudencia; circunspección; cautela omzichtigheid — het omzichtig zijn
discretion discreción discretie — geheimhouding
discretion discreción discretie — bescheidenheid of kiesheid
discretion prudencia; circunspección; tino prudenceattitude d’esprit de celui qui, réfléchissant à la portée et aux conséquences de ses actes, prend ses dispositions pour éviter des erreurs ou fautes, des dangers possibles, s’abstenir de tout ce qu’il croit pouvoir être source de dommage, ou pou
discretion prudencia; circunspección; tino précaution — Ce qu’on fait par prévoyance, pour ne pas tomber en quelque inconvénient, pour éviter quelque mal.