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Detailed Translations for embark from English to Spanish


to embark verb (embarks, embarked, embarking)

  1. to embark
  2. to embark (climb aboard; go on board; go aboard; get in; ship)
  3. to embark (ship; go aboard; get in; climb aboard)
  4. to embark (start)

Conjugations for embark:

  1. embark
  2. embark
  3. embarks
  4. embark
  5. embark
  6. embark
simple past
  1. embarked
  2. embarked
  3. embarked
  4. embarked
  5. embarked
  6. embarked
present perfect
  1. have embarked
  2. have embarked
  3. has embarked
  4. have embarked
  5. have embarked
  6. have embarked
past continuous
  1. was embarking
  2. were embarking
  3. was embarking
  4. were embarking
  5. were embarking
  6. were embarking
  1. shall embark
  2. will embark
  3. will embark
  4. shall embark
  5. will embark
  6. will embark
continuous present
  1. am embarking
  2. are embarking
  3. is embarking
  4. are embarking
  5. are embarking
  6. are embarking
  1. be embarked
  2. be embarked
  3. be embarked
  4. be embarked
  5. be embarked
  6. be embarked
  1. embark!
  2. let's embark!
  3. embarked
  4. embarking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for embark:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
embarcar climb aboard; embark; get in; go aboard; go on board; ship load; ship
embarcarse embark
hacerse a la mar embark; start sail; set sail
ir a bordo climb aboard; embark; get in; go aboard; go on board; ship
partir embark; start break up; cleave; cut; cut through; depart; go; go away; grease; hew through; hike; leave; leave for; rub in; sail; separate; set out; slice; smear; start; take off; travel; travel about
- enter; ship; venture
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- engage in; enter into; get mixed up in; import by ship; ship

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Antonyms for "embark":

Related Definitions for "embark":

  1. set out on (an enterprise or subject of study)1
    • she embarked upon a new career1
  2. go on board1
  3. proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers1

Wiktionary Translations for embark:

  1. to start
  2. to get on a boat

Cross Translation:
embark embarcar inschepen — aan boord gaan van een schip voor een reis ermee
embark embarcar embarquermettre dans une barque, dans un navire, dans un vaisseau, parler des hommes, des armes, des vivres, des marchandises, etc.