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Detailed Translations for enlivening from English to Spanish


enlivening [the ~] noun

  1. the enlivening
    el renacimiento; la reposición; la animación; el Renacimiento; el florecimiento; la amenidad; el reestreno

Translation Matrix for enlivening:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Renacimiento enlivening
amenidad enlivening amiability; appeal; attractiveness; benevolence; charm; clemency; enchantment; enticement; fascination; gentleness; kind-heartedness; kindness; loving kindness; mercy; splendidness; sweetness
animación enlivening aliveness; amusement; animation; brightfulness; carousing; cheer; cheerfulness; cheers; consolation; decency; diversion; encouragement; encouraging; entertainment; flow; fun; good spirits; happiness; help; influx; inspiration; joy; joyfulness; life; lightheartedness; liveliness; living; merriment; mirth; neatness; orderliness; pleasure; putting on; revelry; roistering; rush; squash; stampede; stay; stimulation; support; switching on; tidiness; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
florecimiento enlivening pickup; recovery; revival
reestreno enlivening
renacimiento enlivening pickup; rebirth; recovery; reincarnation; renaissance; revival
reposición enlivening completion; fill up; finishing; reappointment; reinsertion; replacement
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- animating

Related Words for "enlivening":

Synonyms for "enlivening":

Related Definitions for "enlivening":

  1. giving spirit and vivacity1


to enliven verb (enlivens, enlivened, enlivening)

  1. to enliven (refresh; revive; freshen up)

Conjugations for enliven:

  1. enliven
  2. enliven
  3. enlivens
  4. enliven
  5. enliven
  6. enliven
simple past
  1. enlivened
  2. enlivened
  3. enlivened
  4. enlivened
  5. enlivened
  6. enlivened
present perfect
  1. have enlivened
  2. have enlivened
  3. has enlivened
  4. have enlivened
  5. have enlivened
  6. have enlivened
past continuous
  1. was enlivening
  2. were enlivening
  3. was enlivening
  4. were enlivening
  5. were enlivening
  6. were enlivening
  1. shall enliven
  2. will enliven
  3. will enliven
  4. shall enliven
  5. will enliven
  6. will enliven
continuous present
  1. am enlivening
  2. are enlivening
  3. is enlivening
  4. are enlivening
  5. are enlivening
  6. are enlivening
  1. be enlivened
  2. be enlivened
  3. be enlivened
  4. be enlivened
  5. be enlivened
  6. be enlivened
  1. enliven!
  2. let's enliven!
  3. enlivened
  4. enlivening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for enliven:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
refrescar enliven; freshen up; refresh; revive alleviate; brighten up; change; cheer up; chill; cool; cool down; do over again; freshen; freshen oneself up; freshen up; get cold; get cooler; get fresh; grow cold; grow cooler; liven up; quench; refresh; refrigerate; renew; renovate; restore; tidy oneself up; tidy up
- animate; exalt; inspire; invigorate; liven; liven up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- animate

Related Words for "enliven":

Synonyms for "enliven":

Antonyms for "enliven":

Related Definitions for "enliven":

  1. make lively1
  2. heighten or intensify1

Wiktionary Translations for enliven:

  1. to make more lively