Detailed Translations for find again from English to Spanish

find again:

to find again verb (finds again, found again, finding again)

  1. to find again

Conjugations for find again:

  1. find again
  2. find again
  3. finds again
  4. find again
  5. find again
  6. find again
simple past
  1. found again
  2. found again
  3. found again
  4. found again
  5. found again
  6. found again
present perfect
  1. have found again
  2. have found again
  3. has found again
  4. have found again
  5. have found again
  6. have found again
past continuous
  1. was finding again
  2. were finding again
  3. was finding again
  4. were finding again
  5. were finding again
  6. were finding again
  1. shall find again
  2. will find again
  3. will find again
  4. shall find again
  5. will find again
  6. will find again
continuous present
  1. am finding again
  2. are finding again
  3. is finding again
  4. are finding again
  5. are finding again
  6. are finding again
  1. be found again
  2. be found again
  3. be found again
  4. be found again
  5. be found again
  6. be found again
  1. find again!
  2. let's find again!
  3. found again
  4. finding again
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for find again:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arreglar arrangement; ordening; settling
rehabilitar rehabilitating; revalidating
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arreglar find again adjust; arrange; arrange something; brew; conform to; cook; do odd jobs; finish; fix; fix up; freshen up; furnish; get ready; have ended; have finished; instal; install; join; make decent; make even; make ready; mend; model; order; pay; pay on account; prepare; reconcile; redeem; redevelop; redress; regulate; renew; renovate; repair; restore; resume; set up; settle; shape
corregir find again better; check; control; correct; examine; fix; get better; improve; inspect; make better; make good; mend; put right; put straight; recapture; reconquer; rectify; regain; renew; renovate; repair; restore; retake; set right; test; try; verify
recobrar find again get back; recapture; reconquer; regain; retake
reconquistar find again recapture; reconquer; recoup; recover; regain; retake; retrieve; win back
recuperarse find again better one's life; get better; improve; recapture; reconquer; regain; renovate; restore; retake
rehabilitar find again better; correct; exchange; get better; improve; interchange; make better; put new life into; recapture; reconquer; redevelop; regain; rehabilitate; renew; renovate; repair; restore; resume; retake; revitalise; revitalize; swap; trade
restablecer find again bring back; put right; recapture; reconquer; rectify; regain; renovate; repair; reset; restore; retake; return; set right
restablecerse find again better one's life; brighten; cheer up; cure; get better; get well; get well again; heal; improve; make well; recapture; reconquer; recover; regain; regain one's health; rehabilitate; renovate; repair; restore; restore to health; retake; spruce up
volver a encontrar find again recapture; reconquer; recoup; recover; regain; retake; retrieve; win back

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