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Detailed Translations for footprint from English to Spanish


footprint [the ~] noun

  1. the footprint
    la huella del pie; la huella
  2. the footprint (footmark)
    el camino; el sendero; la senda; la calzada; la vereda; la cañada; la pisada
  3. the footprint (footstep; footfall)
    el paso; la pisada; la huella del pie; la huella

Translation Matrix for footprint:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
calzada footmark; footprint avenue; avenues; carriageway; country road; distance; journey; lane; path; reach; road; roads; roadway; round; small circle; street; stretch; track; tracks; trail; way; ways
camino footmark; footprint country road; freeway; highroad; highway; lane; main road; major road; motor-road; motorway; path; speedway; straight; track
cañada footmark; footprint country road; lane; path; track
huella footfall; footprint; footstep clatter of hoofs; clue; deposit; dregs; hint; hoofbeat; last bit; lead; lees; pounding of hoofs; print; print-out; remnant; residuum; rest; sediment; sludge; the last bit; thud of hoofs; tip
huella del pie footfall; footprint; footstep
paso footfall; footprint; footstep access; admission; admittance; aisle; alley; avenue; channel; country road; distance; ditch; door; doorway; fairway; forecourt; gait; gallop; gallopade; gangway; groove; i.d. card; in transit; journey; lane; mountain pass; pace; pass; passage; passage through; path; permit; pitch; porch; reach; road; round; scamper; small circle; step; stretch; stride; track; trail; tread; trot; veranda; vestibule; way
pisada footfall; footmark; footprint; footstep country road; lane; path; step; stride; track
senda footmark; footprint country road; firebreak; footpath; hacked path; lane; path; track; trench
sendero footmark; footprint country road; lane; path; track
vereda footmark; footprint country road; lane; path; track
- footmark; step

Related Words for "footprint":

  • footprints

Synonyms for "footprint":

Related Definitions for "footprint":

  1. the area taken up by some object1
    • the computer had a desktop footprint of 10 by 16 inches1
  2. a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface1
    • the police made casts of the footprints in the soft earth outside the window1
  3. a trace suggesting that something was once present or felt or otherwise important1
    • the footprints of an earlier civilization1
  4. The surface area occupied by a personal computer or other device.2

Wiktionary Translations for footprint:

  1. profession or lifestyle
  2. The impression of the foot

Cross Translation:
footprint pisada Fußabdruck — auf dem Erdboden zurückgelassene Spur von einem Fuß
footprint impresión; huella; indicio; traza; vestigio empreinte — Figure empreinte, impression, marque.