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  1. guiltless:


Detailed Translations for guiltless from English to Spanish


guiltless adj

  1. guiltless (innocent; blameless)

Translation Matrix for guiltless:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- clean-handed; innocent
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cándido blameless; guiltless; innocent as a child; believing; credulous; genuine; gullible; heartfelt; naive; naïve; pristine; pure; simple; sincere; trustful; trusting; upright; virginal; wide-eyed
inocente blameless; guiltless; innocent as a child; chaste; harmless; immaculate; impeccable; naive; natural; naïve; pristine; pure; simple; spotless; unspoiled; untainted; virginal; wide-eyed
inofensivo blameless; guiltless; innocent harmless; without danger; without risk

Synonyms for "guiltless":

  • innocent; clean-handed; absolved; clear; cleared; exculpated; exonerated; vindicated; acquitted; not guilty; blameless; inculpable; irreproachable; unimpeachable; exculpatory; righteous

Antonyms for "guiltless":

Related Definitions for "guiltless":

  1. free from evil or guilt1