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Detailed Translations for kindle from English to Spanish


Conjugations for kindle:

  1. kindle
  2. kindle
  3. kindles
  4. kindle
  5. kindle
  6. kindle
simple past
  1. kindled
  2. kindled
  3. kindled
  4. kindled
  5. kindled
  6. kindled
present perfect
  1. have kindled
  2. have kindled
  3. has kindled
  4. have kindled
  5. have kindled
  6. have kindled
past continuous
  1. was kindling
  2. were kindling
  3. was kindling
  4. were kindling
  5. were kindling
  6. were kindling
  1. shall kindle
  2. will kindle
  3. will kindle
  4. shall kindle
  5. will kindle
  6. will kindle
continuous present
  1. am kindling
  2. are kindling
  3. is kindling
  4. are kindling
  5. are kindling
  6. are kindling
  1. be kindled
  2. be kindled
  3. be kindled
  4. be kindled
  5. be kindled
  6. be kindled
  1. kindle!
  2. let's kindle!
  3. kindled
  4. kindling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for kindle:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ecender las luces ignite; inflame; kindle; light; put on
encender ignite; inflame; kindle; light; make burning; put on; set fire to; strike acquire; aggravate; arouse; bait; encourage; encourage someone; get the hang of; incite; inspire; instigate; learn; light; motivate; motivate someone; pick up; provoke; put on the fire; put someone on to something; send up in flames; set alight; stimulate; stir up; study; switch on; turn on; urge
incendiar ignite; inflame; kindle; light; make burning; set fire to; strike burn; burn down; burn loose; burn out; burn to a cinder; burn up; fire; flare up; light; put on the fire; send up in flames; set alight; take fire
prender fuego a ignite; inflame; kindle; light; make burning; set fire to; strike
prender la luz ignite; inflame; kindle; light; put on
- arouse; conflagrate; elicit; enkindle; evoke; fire; inflame; provoke; raise

Related Words for "kindle":

Synonyms for "kindle":

Related Definitions for "kindle":

  1. call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)1
  2. cause to start burning1
  3. catch fire1

Wiktionary Translations for kindle:

  1. to start (a fire)

Cross Translation:
kindle atizar; encender entfachengehoben: ein Feuer oder einen Brand entstehen lassen
kindle activar activer — Activer
kindle encender; prender allumer — Enflammer
kindle inflamar; encender enflammermettre en flamme.