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Detailed Translations for manoeuvre from English to Spanish


to manoeuvre verb, British (manoeuvres, manoeuvred, manoeuvring)

  1. to manoeuvre (march; manoeuver)

Conjugations for manoeuvre:

  1. manoeuvre
  2. manoeuvre
  3. manoeuvres
  4. manoeuvre
  5. manoeuvre
  6. manoeuvre
simple past
  1. manoeuvred
  2. manoeuvred
  3. manoeuvred
  4. manoeuvred
  5. manoeuvred
  6. manoeuvred
present perfect
  1. have manoeuvred
  2. have manoeuvred
  3. has manoeuvred
  4. have manoeuvred
  5. have manoeuvred
  6. have manoeuvred
past continuous
  1. was manoeuvring
  2. were manoeuvring
  3. was manoeuvring
  4. were manoeuvring
  5. were manoeuvring
  6. were manoeuvring
  1. shall manoeuvre
  2. will manoeuvre
  3. will manoeuvre
  4. shall manoeuvre
  5. will manoeuvre
  6. will manoeuvre
continuous present
  1. am manoeuvring
  2. are manoeuvring
  3. is manoeuvring
  4. are manoeuvring
  5. are manoeuvring
  6. are manoeuvring
  1. be manoeuvred
  2. be manoeuvred
  3. be manoeuvred
  4. be manoeuvred
  5. be manoeuvred
  6. be manoeuvred
  1. manoeuvre!
  2. let's manoeuvre!
  3. manoeuvred
  4. manoeuvring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

manoeuvre [the ~] noun, British

  1. the manoeuvre (trick; ruse; manoeuver)
    la trampa; el truco; la artimaña; la treta
  2. the manoeuvre (sham battle; sham fight; move; manoeuver)

Translation Matrix for manoeuvre:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
artimaña manoeuver; manoeuvre; ruse; trick dodge; gimmicks; grip; lure; ruse; stunts; trick; trickery
combate fingido manoeuver; manoeuvre; move; sham battle; sham fight
desplazamiento manoeuver; manoeuvre; move; sham battle; sham fight change; delay; detour; displacement; overthrowing; postponement; repression; respite; shifting; suspension
trampa manoeuver; manoeuvre; ruse; trick caving in; cheating; collapse; collapsing; con; crookedness; deceit; deception; dirty trick; dodge; double-cross; fraud; frauds; gimmicks; lure; mess; pitfall; pub; public house; ruse; shutter; stunts; swindle; swindling; tavern; trap; trapdoor; trick; trickery; viciousness
treta manoeuver; manoeuvre; ruse; trick dodge; gimmick; gimmicks; knack; lure; ruse; sleight of hand; stunts; trick; trickery
truco manoeuver; manoeuvre; ruse; trick ability; adroitness; agility; art; dexterity; dirty trick; dodge; gimmick; gimmicks; handiness; knack; lure; magic trick; ruse; skill; sleight of hand; stunts; trick; trickery; viciousness
- evasive action; maneuver; manoeuver; play; simulated military operation; tactic; tactical maneuver; tactical manoeuvre; tactics
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
maniobrar manoeuver; manoeuvre; march beat against the wind; budge; drill; exercise; get going; move; ply against the wind; put in motion; sail against the wind; set course for; set in motion; steer a course for; tack
- maneuver; manoeuver; operate

Synonyms for "manoeuvre":

Related Definitions for "manoeuvre":

  1. an action aimed at evading an opponent1
  2. a move made to gain a tactical end1
  3. a deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill1
  4. a military training exercise1
  5. a plan for attaining a particular goal1
  6. perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense1
  7. act in order to achieve a certain goal1

Wiktionary Translations for manoeuvre:

Cross Translation:
manoeuvre maniobra Manöver — festgelegter (und einstudierter) Ablauf zur Bewegung von Wasser-, Luft-, Raum- und Landfahrzeugen (insbesondere auf Schiffen)
manoeuvre bordear lavierenintransitiv, bildlich, umgangssprachlich, oft abwertend: sich mit Fähigkeit und Flinkheit gewandt durch Schwierigkeiten hindurchwinden
manoeuvre maniobra manœuvre — Ces mouvements exécutés en temps de paix pour exercer les troupes
manoeuvre maniobrar manœuvrer — Faire fonctionner avec la main.