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possession [the ~] noun

  1. the possession (assets; property; ownership; commodities)
    la propiedad; la posesiones; el cosas; el productos; el artículos de comercio; el crédito
  2. the possession (belonging)
    el bienes; la posesión; el cosas; el género; el dominio; la propiedad; el crédito; la pertinencia; la mercancías; el productos; la masa de la herencia

Translation Matrix for possession:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
artículos de comercio assets; commodities; ownership; possession; property
bienes belonging; possession articles; country estate; estate; goods; inventory; items; landed property; stuff; things
cosas assets; belonging; commodities; ownership; possession; property articles; goods; household effects; items; stuff; things
crédito assets; belonging; commodities; ownership; possession; property belief; credit; credit loan; creed; disposition; divine worship; faith; granting of credit; home loan; inclination; money provision; mortgage; religion; religious conviction
dominio belonging; possession TLD; area; authority; capacity; command; control; district; domain; dominion; force; household effects; influence; mastery; power; region; restraint; strength; territory; top-level domain; zone
género belonging; possession category; class; gender; genre; kind; sex; sort; style; trade; type
masa de la herencia belonging; possession inventory
mercancías belonging; possession articles; business; cargoes; commerce; commodities; employment; goods; goods trade; grip; household effects; items; loadings; loads; market; market place; merchandise; occupation; produce; stuff; things; trade; ware; wares
pertinencia belonging; possession appropriateness; aptness; felicitousness; relevance; suitability
posesiones assets; commodities; ownership; possession; property bits & pieces; bits and pieces; possesions; stuff; things; worldly goods
posesión belonging; possession
productos assets; belonging; commodities; ownership; possession; property articles; goods; items; results; stuff; things
propiedad assets; belonging; commodities; ownership; possession; property character description; character profile; characterisation; characteristic; characterization; country estate; estate; feature; landed property; ownership; property; quality
- monomania; ownership; self-command; self-control; self-possession; self-will; will power; willpower
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dominio domain
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- absurdity; acquisition; property; seisin; tenure

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Related Definitions for "possession":

  1. anything owned or possessed1
  2. the act of having and controlling property1
  3. (sport) the act of controlling the ball (or puck)1
    • they took possession of the ball on their own goal line1
  4. the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior1
  5. a territory that is controlled by a ruling state1
  6. a mania restricted to one thing or idea1
  7. being controlled by passion or the supernatural1

Wiktionary Translations for possession:

  1. something that is owned

Cross Translation:
possession posesión; patrimonio; capital vermogen — een hoeveelheid kapitaal
possession posesión possessiebezit, bezitting
possession posesión Besitz — (umgangssprachlich) Eigentum
possession propriedad HabeBesitz
possession haber avoir — Ensemble des biens et richesses appartenant à un individu

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