Detailed Translations for representative from English to Spanish


representative [the ~] noun

  1. the representative (substitute; delegate; deputy; mandatary; replacement)
    el representante; el delegado; el suplente
  2. the representative (salesman; seller)
    el vendedor; el viajante; el representante
  3. the representative (delegate)
    el representante; la agencia; el negociador; el agente de ventas
  4. the representative (spokesman; spokesperson; informant; )
    el portavoz
  5. the representative (delegate; deputy)
    el representante; el diputado; el delegado
  6. the representative (envoy; ambassador; envoi)
    el enviado; el emisario
  7. the representative (agent; selling-agent; dealer; traveling salesman; travelling salesman)

representative adj

  1. representative (representing)

Translation Matrix for representative:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agencia delegate; representative agency; branch; branch office; chain store; dealership; multiple shop; multiple store; office; office block; representation; sub-office
agente de ventas agent; dealer; delegate; representative; selling-agent; traveling salesman; travelling salesman
delegado delegate; deputy; mandatary; replacement; representative; substitute authorized representative; delegate; deputy; plenipotentiary; stand-in; substitute
diputado delegate; deputy; representative M.P.; Member of Parliament; authorized representative; delegate; plenipotentiary
emisario ambassador; envoi; envoy; representative
enviado ambassador; envoi; envoy; representative
negociador delegate; representative intercessor; mediator; negotiator
portavoz Speaker; informant; informer; mouthpiece; rapporteur; representative; spokesman; spokesperson; spokeswoman commentator; informant; informer; mouth-piece; mouthpiece; publicist; rapporteur; reporter; speaker; speaking-tube; spokesperson; spokeswoman
representante agent; dealer; delegate; deputy; mandatary; replacement; representative; salesman; seller; selling-agent; substitute; traveling salesman; travelling salesman agency; dealership; delegate; exponent; representation
suplente delegate; deputy; mandatary; replacement; representative; substitute substitute
vendedor representative; salesman; seller counter-assistant; salesclerk; salesgirl; shop-assistant; shop-girl
viajante representative; salesman; seller occupant; passenger; traveler; traveller
- congressman; congresswoman; example; illustration; instance; interpreter; spokesperson; voice
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
representativo representative; representing
suplente acting; ad interim; deputy; functioning; officiating; substitute; temporary

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Antonyms for "representative":

  • nonrepresentative

Related Definitions for "representative":

  1. being or characteristic of government by representation in which citizens exercise power through elected officers and representatives1
    • representative government as defined by Abraham Lincoln is government of the people, by the people, for the people1
  2. standing for something else1
    • the bald eagle is representative of the United States1
  3. serving to represent or typify1
    • representative moviegoers1
    • a representative modern play1
  4. an item of information that is typical of a class or group1
  5. a member of the United States House of Representatives1
  6. a person who represents others1
  7. an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose1

Wiktionary Translations for representative:

  1. typical
  1. one who speaks for another

Cross Translation:
representative diputado; legislador; delegado AbgeordneterPolitik: gewähltes Mitglied einer parlamentarischen Versammlung
representative diputado député — délégué qui représente une nation
representative apoderado mandataire — Celui qui charger d’un mandat, d’une procuration ou d’une mission pour agir au nom d’un autre.
representative corredor; comisionista; diputado représentant — Celui, celle qui en représenter un autre, qui tenir sa place, qui recevoir de lui des pouvoirs pour agir en son nom.
representative típico représentatif — Qui représenter.

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