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Detailed Translations for specialist from English to Spanish


specialist [the ~] noun

  1. the specialist (expert; authority)
    el especialista; el experto; el perito
  2. the specialist (expert)
    la especialista; la conocedora; la experta; la experta en la materia; la experta en su materia

Translation Matrix for specialist:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
conocedora expert; specialist
especialista authority; expert; specialist double; expert; professional; stunt man
experta expert; specialist
experta en la materia expert; specialist
experta en su materia expert; specialist
experto authority; expert; specialist connoisseur; expert; professional
perito authority; expert; specialist
- medical specialist; specialiser; specializer
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
experto able; adroit; capable; clever; competent; considerate; dexterous; efficient; experienced; expert; fit; good; handy; ingenious; neat; nimble; perfect; physically capable; proficient; qualified; resourceful; skilful; skilled; skillful; thorough; trained
perito able; acute; adroit; biting; capable; clever; competent; considerate; efficient; fit; good; ingenious; keen; proficient; qualified; resourceful; sharp-minded; sharpwitted; skilful; skilled; skillful; trained

Related Words for "specialist":

  • specialists

Synonyms for "specialist":

Antonyms for "specialist":

  • generalist

Related Definitions for "specialist":

  1. an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning1
  2. practices one branch of medicine1

Wiktionary Translations for specialist:

  1. expert
  2. physician

Cross Translation:
specialist experto; especialista; profesional vakman — een man die zijn vak of professie verstaat
specialist especialista specialist — arts die een bepaald onderdeel van de geneeskunde beoefent
specialist especialista specialist — persoon die ergens veel verstand van heeft
specialist especialista Fachmannmännliche Person, die in einem bestimmten Fach ausgebildet ist und entsprechende Kenntnisse hat
specialist especialista Spezialist — jemand, der über besondere Kenntnisse auf einem Fachgebiet verfügt

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