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type [the ~] noun

  1. the type (genre; category; sort; )
    el tipo; la categoría; el género; la clase
  2. the type (font; character; typeface)
    el carácter
  3. the type (category; class; genre)
    la clase; la suerte; la categoría; el género; el carácter
  4. the type (bloke; man; fellow; )
    el caballero; el señor; el hombre; el chico; el compañero; el macho; el tío; el chaval; el amo; el joven; el hombrecillo; el tipo; el hombrecito; el fulano

to type verb (types, typed, typing)

  1. to type (typewrite)
  2. to type
    – To enter information by means of the keyboard. 1

Conjugations for type:

  1. type
  2. type
  3. types
  4. type
  5. type
  6. type
simple past
  1. typed
  2. typed
  3. typed
  4. typed
  5. typed
  6. typed
present perfect
  1. have typed
  2. have typed
  3. has typed
  4. have typed
  5. have typed
  6. have typed
past continuous
  1. was typing
  2. were typing
  3. was typing
  4. were typing
  5. were typing
  6. were typing
  1. shall type
  2. will type
  3. will type
  4. shall type
  5. will type
  6. will type
continuous present
  1. am typing
  2. are typing
  3. is typing
  4. are typing
  5. are typing
  6. are typing
  1. be typed
  2. be typed
  3. be typed
  4. be typed
  5. be typed
  6. be typed
  1. type!
  2. let's type!
  3. typed
  4. typing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for type:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amo bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type squire
caballero bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type Jonkheer; bloke; chap; fellow; gent; guy; horseman; horsewoman; king; knight; lord; master; mister; nobleman; officer; rider; ruler; squire; staff member; young man
carácter category; character; class; font; fount; genre; type; typeface character; disposition; heart; inclination; mind; nature; personality; soul
categoría category; class; genre; kind; sort; style; type branch; brigade; category; class; classification; color category; department; detachment; division; group; level; order of rank; party; position; rank; section; social class; social group; social position; ward
chaval bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type baby boy; bloke; chap; fellow; guy; lad; man
chico bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type baby; baby boy; bloke; chap; child; fellow; guy; infant; kid; kiddy; lad; lass; little boy; little chap; little child; little girl; little kid; male; naughty boy; nipper; rascal; scamp; small child; small one; sonny; tike; tiny tot; toddler; tot; tyke; youth
clase category; class; genre; kind; sort; style; type category; class; classification; classroom; college; course; curriculum; education; educational programme; grade; group; instruction; lecture; lecture hall; lecture room; lesson; lesson hour; object class; party; position; school year; social class; social group; social position; subject room; teaching; tuition
compañero bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type best friend; bosom friend; buddy; business associate; chum; close friend; colleague; companion; comrade; confidante; consort; fellow; female partner; friend; learned friend; life companion; life partner; mate; matie; matties herring; member of the firm; pal; pall; partner; spouse; young herring
dar golpecitos knocking on; tap; tapping on
escribir writing out
fulano bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type bloke; chap; fellow; lad; man
género category; class; genre; kind; sort; style; type belonging; gender; genre; possession; sex; trade
hombre bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type being; bloke; chap; fellow; gent; guy; human; human being; individual; king; lad; lord; male; man; master; mister; mortal; person; ruler
hombrecillo bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type baby boy; lad; little boy; little chap
hombrecito bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type baby boy; lad; little boy; little chap; male
joven bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type adolescent; bloke; boy; chap; cub; fellow; lad; man; minor; pup; puppy; whippersnapper; young man; young person; youngster; youth
macho bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type macho
señor bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type Mr.; Sir; bloke; chap; fellow; gent; guy; king; lord; master; mister; ruler; sir; squire
suerte category; class; genre; type accident; bit of good luck; bit of luck; chance; coincidence; destiny; fate; fortune; godsend; lot; luck; lucky coincidence; piece of good luck; piece of luck; pleasant surprise; stroke of luck; stroke of unexpected luck; windfall
tipo bloke; category; chap; class; cove; fellow; genre; gent; kind; man; mister; sort; style; type announcement; bird; bloke; build; buster; chap; character; creation; creature; dandy; declaration; disclosure; dude; fellow; figure; fop; gentleman; guy; human; human being; individual; lad; lone wolf; loner; man; person; posture; poultry; print letter; proclamation; publication; shape; size; stature
tío bloke; chap; cove; fellow; gent; man; mister; type bloke; buster; chap; character; cock; dick; dude; fellow; guy; individual; lad; male; man; penis; prick; rod; sod; uncle; willie
- case; character; eccentric
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dar golpecitos type; typewrite
dar una palmadita type; typewrite
escribir type book; correspond; enter; enter into; inscribe; keep up a correspondence; list; note; note down; record; register; scribble; write; write down
escribir con máquina type; typewrite
- typecast; typewrite
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
categoría category
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
joven junior
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chico diminutive; inadequate; inferior; little; low-grade; middling; minuscule; short; shortish; small; tiny; undersized
joven gawky; lanky; loutish; young; youngish; youthful

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Antonyms for "type":

  • antitype

Related Definitions for "type":

  1. a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper2
    • he dropped a case of type, so they made him pick them up2
  2. a subdivision of a particular kind of thing2
    • what type of sculpture do you prefer?2
  3. all of the tokens of the same symbol2
    • the word `element' contains five different types of character2
  4. printed characters2
    • small type is hard to read2
  5. (biology) the taxonomic group whose characteristics are used to define the next higher taxon2
  6. a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)2
    • the capable type2
  7. identify as belonging to a certain type2
    • Such people can practically be typed2
  8. write by means of a keyboard with types2
    • type the acceptance letter, please2
  9. In programming, the nature of a variable. For example, integer, real number, text character, or floatingpoint number. Data types in programs are declared by the programmer and determine the range of values a variable can take as well as the operations that can be performed on it. See also data type.1
  10. To enter information by means of the keyboard.1

Wiktionary Translations for type:

  1. grouping based on shared characteristics
  2. blood group
  3. computing theory
  1. to use a typewriter
  2. to enter characters into a computer using keyboard
  3. to determine blood group

Cross Translation:
type especie soort — een groep voorwerpen die een bepaald aantal kenmerken gemeenschappelijk heeft en zich daarin onderscheidt van overeenkomstige groepen
type tipo de letra Schrift — beim Druck oder im Computer eingesetzte Schrift bestimmten Aussehens
type tipo; clase Speziesallgemein: die besondere Art einer Gattung
type tipo TypGattung, Bauart, Modell
type tipo; clase Artallgemein: eine Gruppe aus einer Gesamtheit, die sich durch besondere Merkmale auszeichnen
type especie; género; calaña acabit — désuet|fr Décrit la nature, ou la bonne qualité ou mauvaise de certaines choses.
type mecanografiar dactylographierécrire (avec les dix doigts) à l'aide d'un clavier.
type género genreensemble d’êtres, ou de choses, caractériser par un ou des traits communs.
type escribir a máquina taper — (familier, fr) frapper, donner un ou plusieurs coups.
type tipo type — Qui est caractéristique. Qui est donné comme exemple.

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