Detailed Translations for unaffected from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for unaffected:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
llano level
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- insensible; unmoved; untouched
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- natural
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
con indiferencia indifferent; regardless; unaffected; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched freely; imperturbable; undisturbed; unhindered; uninterrupted
con naturalidad unaffected easy; effortless; free; freely; voluntarily
desinteresado dry-eyed; impassive; indifferent; regardless; unaffected; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched indifferent; selfless; unselfish
despreocupado dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved airy; careless; casual; cool; fresh; light-hearted; nonchalant; playful
fácil unaffected as a child; common; easily; easy; effortless; free; freely; light; not dark; not difficult; not hard; ordinarily; ordinary; plain; simple; uncomplicated
impasible unaffected; unimpaired; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched audacious; bold; calm; calmly; coldly; collected; composed; cool; coolly; daring; dashing; dauntless; fearless; freely; impassible; impassive; insensitive; manful; paved; peaceful; placid; quiet; quietly; restful; serene; silent; still; stolid; super cooled; tranquil; unabashed; undaunted; undisturbed; unemotional; uneventful; unhindered; uninterrupted
impávido unaffected; unimpaired; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched fearless; fresh; intrepid; unabbreviated; unabridged; unbroached; uncut; unopened; untouched; unused
llano unaffected common; light; lying low; ordinarily; ordinary; plain
modesto unaffected austere; common; considerate; discreet; feeble; frugal; humble; mediocre; modest; not bad; not very good; of simple origin; ordinarily; ordinary; plain; poor; scanty; simple; sober; unassuming; unpretentious
sencillo unaffected believing; credulous; disabled; easily; easy; effortless; frugal; gullible; handicapped; humble; mean; modest; natural; naïve; not difficult; not hard; of simple origin; pedestrian; quite common; simple; trustful; trusting; unadorned; uncomplicated; unmade-up; vile; without make-up
simple unaffected common; easily; easy; effortless; empty-headed; finite; humble; limited; modest; naive; naïve; not difficult; not hard; of simple origin; ordinarily; ordinary; plain; simple; superannuated; uncomplicated; wide-eyed
sin preocupaciones dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved carefree; careless; easy; light-spirited; lighthearted; unconcerned

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  1. undergoing no change when acted upon1
    • entirely unaffected by each other's writings1
    • fibers remained apparently unaffected by the treatment1
  2. free of artificiality; sincere and genuine1
    • an unaffected grace1
  3. emotionally unmoved1
  4. unaware of or indifferent to1