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Detailed Translations for pay off from English to French


Translation Matrix for payoff:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bribe; final payment; issue; proceeds; return; reward; take; takings; wages; yield

Synonyms for "payoff":

Related Definitions for "payoff":

  1. a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing1
  2. the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property1
  3. payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment1
  4. the final payment of a debt1

Wiktionary Translations for payoff:

  1. économie|fr Fait d'être rentable.

pay off:

to pay off verb (pays off, paid off, paying off)

  1. to pay off (pay for)
    acquitter; régler; payer
    • acquitter verb (acquitte, acquittes, acquittons, acquittez, )
    • régler verb (règle, règles, réglons, réglez, )
    • payer verb (paye, payes, payons, payez, )
  2. to pay off (pay)
    payer; rémunérer; rétribuer
    • payer verb (paye, payes, payons, payez, )
    • rémunérer verb (rémunère, rémunères, rémunérons, rémunérez, )
    • rétribuer verb (rétribue, rétribues, rétribuons, rétribuez, )

Conjugations for pay off:

  1. pay off
  2. pay off
  3. pays off
  4. pay off
  5. pay off
  6. pay off
simple past
  1. paid off
  2. paid off
  3. paid off
  4. paid off
  5. paid off
  6. paid off
present perfect
  1. have paid off
  2. have paid off
  3. has paid off
  4. have paid off
  5. have paid off
  6. have paid off
past continuous
  1. was paying off
  2. were paying off
  3. was paying off
  4. were paying off
  5. were paying off
  6. were paying off
  1. shall pay off
  2. will pay off
  3. will pay off
  4. shall pay off
  5. will pay off
  6. will pay off
continuous present
  1. am paying off
  2. are paying off
  3. is paying off
  4. are paying off
  5. are paying off
  6. are paying off
  1. be paid off
  2. be paid off
  3. be paid off
  4. be paid off
  5. be paid off
  6. be paid off
  1. pay off!
  2. let's pay off!
  3. paid off
  4. paying off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pay off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acquitter pay for; pay off clear; found innocent; make even; pay; pay on account; redeem; settle
payer pay; pay for; pay off atone for; bear the costs; cash; continue to pay; expiate; honor; honour; make even; pay; pay a bill; pay for one's mistake's; pay on account; pay out; pay over; pay up; receipt; remunerate; repay; reward; settle; suffer
régler pay for; pay off adjust; clear up; discuss; finish; fix; get even; handle; have ended; have finished; level; make even; mend; patch up a quarrel; pay; pay on account; pay up; reconcile; redeem; repair; restore; settle; synchronise; synchronize; talk out; tune; tune in
rémunérer pay; pay off honor; honour; pay; remunerate; repay; reward
rétribuer pay; pay off honor; honour; pay; remunerate; repay; reward
- buy off; compensate; fix; get; liquidate; make up; pay; pay back; redeem

Synonyms for "pay off":

Related Definitions for "pay off":

  1. take vengeance on or get even1
  2. do or give something to somebody in return1
  3. pay off (loans or promissory notes)1
  4. pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor1
  5. yield a profit or result1
  6. eliminate by paying off (debts)1

Wiktionary Translations for pay off:

pay off
  1. to bribe, especially to deter oversight
  2. to pay back (repay, pay off) the entirety of a loan, thereby effecting the release of a lien on
pay off
  1. rendre quitte, libérer des dettes. Il se dit en parlant des personne et des choses.

Cross Translation:
pay off rembourser; amortir aflossen — geheel of gedeeltelijk voldoen
pay off règlement de comptes Abrechnung — Vergeltung für empfundenes Unrecht


pay-off [the ~] noun

  1. the pay-off (payment; compensation)
    le paiement; le règlement

Translation Matrix for pay-off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
paiement compensation; pay-off; payment discharge; paying off; payment; settlement
règlement compensation; pay-off; payment arrangement; by-law; charter; claim settlement; clearing off; compensation; completion; conclusion; decision; defining; determination; discipline; fixing; guide; hire-purchase; house rules; liquidation; official regulation; ordinance; paying off; payment; regulation; regulations; rule; rules; settlement; settlement of a claim; settling; statute; submission; winding up

Wiktionary Translations for pay-off:

  1. a payment
  2. a reward
  3. a bribe

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