Detailed Translations for synchronize from English to French


to synchronize verb, American (synchronizes, synchronized, synchronizing)

  1. to synchronize (synchronise)
    faire concorder; synchroniser; ajuster; mettre au point; accorder; régler
    • synchroniser verb (synchronise, synchronises, synchronisons, synchronisez, )
    • ajuster verb (ajuste, ajustes, ajustons, ajustez, )
    • accorder verb (accorde, accordes, accordons, accordez, )
    • régler verb (règle, règles, réglons, réglez, )
  2. to synchronize (set; synchronise)
    synchroniser; mettre à l'heure
    • synchroniser verb (synchronise, synchronises, synchronisons, synchronisez, )
  3. to synchronize (dub; synchronise)
    doubler; postsynchroniser
    • doubler verb (double, doubles, doublons, doublez, )
    • postsynchroniser verb (postsynchronise, postsynchronises, postsynchronisons, postsynchronisez, )
  4. to synchronize (sync)
    – To reconcile the differences between files, e-mail, appointments, and other items stored on one computer or device with versions of the same files on another computer. Once the differences are determined, both sets of items are updated. 1
    • synchroniser verb (synchronise, synchronises, synchronisons, synchronisez, )

Conjugations for synchronize:

  1. synchronize
  2. synchronize
  3. synchronizes
  4. synchronize
  5. synchronize
  6. synchronize
simple past
  1. synchronized
  2. synchronized
  3. synchronized
  4. synchronized
  5. synchronized
  6. synchronized
present perfect
  1. have synchronized
  2. have synchronized
  3. has synchronized
  4. have synchronized
  5. have synchronized
  6. have synchronized
past continuous
  1. was synchronizing
  2. were synchronizing
  3. was synchronizing
  4. were synchronizing
  5. were synchronizing
  6. were synchronizing
  1. shall synchronize
  2. will synchronize
  3. will synchronize
  4. shall synchronize
  5. will synchronize
  6. will synchronize
continuous present
  1. am synchronizing
  2. are synchronizing
  3. is synchronizing
  4. are synchronizing
  5. are synchronizing
  6. are synchronizing
  1. be synchronized
  2. be synchronized
  3. be synchronized
  4. be synchronized
  5. be synchronized
  6. be synchronized
  1. synchronize!
  2. let's synchronize!
  3. synchronized
  4. synchronizing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for synchronize:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ajuster fastening; fixing; tieing up
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accorder synchronise; synchronize accept; adjust; agree; agree on; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; arrange; assign; authorise; authorize; award; bestow on; cede; comply with; concede; confer; donate; give; give in; grant; permit; reconcile; tolerate; tune in; yield
ajuster synchronise; synchronize adapt; adjust; cut to size; fine tune; fit in; fix; mend; patch; redeem; redress; repair; restore; tailor to; tune; tune in
doubler dub; synchronise; synchronize double; duplicate; fail; get round; move past; overtake; pass; repeat; repeat a class; ride past; sail past; stay back; stay down
faire concorder synchronise; synchronize adjust; tune in
mettre au point synchronise; synchronize accomplish; adjust; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; complete; conclude; end; finish; finish off; fix; focalise; focalize; focus; get done; get ready; mend; patch; repair; restore; tune in
mettre à l'heure set; synchronise; synchronize
postsynchroniser dub; synchronise; synchronize
régler synchronise; synchronize adjust; clear up; discuss; finish; fix; get even; handle; have ended; have finished; level; make even; mend; patch up a quarrel; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; pay up; reconcile; redeem; repair; restore; settle; talk out; tune; tune in
synchroniser set; sync; synchronise; synchronize adjust; coincide; converge; correspond; tune in
- contemporise; contemporize; sync; synchronise

Related Words for "synchronize":

  • resynchronize, synchronizing, synchronized

Synonyms for "synchronize":

Antonyms for "synchronize":

  • desynchronise; desynchronize

Related Definitions for "synchronize":

  1. make synchronous and adjust in time or manner2
    • Let's synchronize our efforts2
  2. cause to indicate the same time or rate2
    • synchronize your watches2
  3. operate simultaneously2
    • The clocks synchronize2
  4. arrange or represent events so that they co-occur2
    • synchronize biblical events2
  5. make (motion picture sound) exactly simultaneous with the action2
    • synchronize this film2
  6. happen at the same time2
  7. To reconcile the differences between files, e-mail, appointments, and other items stored on one computer or device with versions of the same files on another computer. Once the differences are determined, both sets of items are updated.1

Wiktionary Translations for synchronize:

  1. cause two events to have coordinated timing
  1. coordonner plusieurs opérations entre elles dans le temps.