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Detailed Translations for beneficial from English to French


Translation Matrix for beneficial:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- good
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bienfaisant beneficial; salutary benevolent; well-doing
chanceux beneficial; exultant; fortunate; lucky fortunate; lucky
de façon salutaire beneficial; salutary
favorable beneficial; exultant; fortunate; lucky a kind manner; advantageous; approving; assenting; auspicious; beneficial to; benevolent; consenting; favorable; favourable; friendly; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; hopeful; kind; kindly; kindly disposed; obliging; surplus; sympathetic; well-meaning; willing
heureux beneficial; exultant; fortunate; lucky; salutary blissful; brisk; buoyant; bustling; cheerful; delighted; exultant; feeling fortunate; fortunate; full of joy; gay; glad; good-tempered; happy; high-spirited; in high spirits; in triumph; jolly; lively; lucky; merry; pleased; satisfied; sprightly; triumphal; triumphant; triumphantly; upbeat; victorious
prospère beneficial; salutary auspicious; blooming; exultant; fighting fit; flourishing; fortunate; healthy; in good health; in triumph; moneyed; monied; propitious; prospering; prosperous; rich; rosy cheeked; rosy cheeked & bushy tailed; successful; thriving; triumphal; triumphant; triumphantly; victorious; wealthy; well; well-of
salutaire beneficial; salutary enjoyable; salutary; sympathetic

Related Words for "beneficial":

  • beneficially

Synonyms for "beneficial":

Related Definitions for "beneficial":

  1. promoting or enhancing well-being1
    • an arms limitation agreement beneficial to all countries1
    • the beneficial effects of a temperate climate1

Wiktionary Translations for beneficial:

  1. helpful or good to something or someone
Cross Translation:
beneficial sain; utile zuträglichmeist die Gesundheit betreffend: vorteilhaft, fördernd, bekömmlich

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