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Detailed Translations for enable from English to French


enable verb

  1. enable (permit; make possible)
    – render capable or able for some task 1
    • permettre verb (permets, permet, permettons, permettez, )
  2. enable (turn on)
    – To activate or turn on. 2

Translation Matrix for enable:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
activer accelerate; activate; aggravate; arouse; awake; begin; blow; blow the fire; boost; commence; encourage; encourage someone; excite; fan; fan a flame; hasten; incite; initiate; inspire; instigate; introduce; introduce somebody to; motivate; motivate someone; poke; poke up; provoke; push on; put someone on to something; quicken; set; set in motion; set up; speed up; start; start off; start to; stimulate; stir; stir up; stoke up; strike up; support; take off; take on; undertake; urge
permettre enable; make possible; permit accept; admit; agree; agree to; allow; assent to; authorise; authorize; award; comply with; concede; confirm; consent to; give one's fiat to; grant; learn; permit; sanction; submit to; tolerate; validate
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
activer enable; turn on

Synonyms for "enable":

Antonyms for "enable":

Related Definitions for "enable":

  1. render capable or able for some task1
    • This skill will enable you to find a job on Wall Street1
    • The rope enables you to secure yourself when you climb the mountain1
  2. To activate or turn on.2

Wiktionary Translations for enable:

  1. to allow a way out or excuse for an action
  2. to make able