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  1. facial expression:


Detailed Translations for facial expression from English to French

facial expression:

facial expression [the ~] noun

  1. the facial expression (expression; look)
    l'expression; la physionomie; le regard; le prédicat

Translation Matrix for facial expression:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
expression expression; facial expression; look aphorism; expression; formulation; idiom; maxim; meaning; phrase; phrasing; saying; statement; term; turn of phrase; utterance; vocabulary; wording
physionomie expression; facial expression; look countenance; face; pinnule; sight
prédicat expression; facial expression; look name; predicate; title
regard expression; facial expression; look contemplation; having a look; looking in the eyes; speculativeness; viewing; watching
- aspect; expression; face; facial gesture; look

Synonyms for "facial expression":

Related Definitions for "facial expression":

  1. the feelings expressed on a person's face1
  2. a gesture executed with the facial muscles1

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