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Detailed Translations for flagon from English to French


flagon [the ~] noun

  1. the flagon (cannikin; jug; tankard)
    la verseuse; le pot; la cruche; le broc

Translation Matrix for flagon:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
broc cannikin; flagon; jug; tankard ewer; jug; tankard; water jug
cruche cannikin; flagon; jug; tankard dolt; duffer; ewer; jar; jug; lout; pitcher; stone bottle; tankard; water jug
pot cannikin; flagon; jug; tankard casserole; chamber pot; coal-scuttle; cooking-pot; cup; dram of jenever; drinking glass; ewer; glass; goblet; jar; jug; keg; mug; nip of jenever; pot; saucepan; small barrel; small cask; stew-pan; stewing-pan; stewpan; tankard; tot of jenever; water jug
verseuse cannikin; flagon; jug; tankard ewer; jug; tankard; water jug

Related Words for "flagon":

  • flagons

Synonyms for "flagon":

Related Definitions for "flagon":

  1. a large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout; used to hold alcoholic beverages (usually wine)1

Wiktionary Translations for flagon:

Cross Translation:
flagon cruche Krug — zylindrisches Gefäß für Getränke mit einem Henkel, zuweilen mit einem Deckel