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Detailed Translations for go out from English to French

go out:

to go out verb (goes out, went out, going out)

  1. to go out
    sortir; sortir de; en sortir
    • sortir verb (sors, sort, sortons, sortez, )
    • sortir de verb
    • en sortir verb

Conjugations for go out:

  1. go out
  2. go out
  3. goes out
  4. go out
  5. go out
  6. go out
simple past
  1. went out
  2. went out
  3. went out
  4. went out
  5. went out
  6. went out
present perfect
  1. have gone out
  2. have gone out
  3. has gone out
  4. have gone out
  5. have gone out
  6. have gone out
past continuous
  1. was going out
  2. were going out
  3. was going out
  4. were going out
  5. were going out
  6. were going out
  1. shall go out
  2. will go out
  3. will go out
  4. shall go out
  5. will go out
  6. will go out
continuous present
  1. am going out
  2. are going out
  3. is going out
  4. are going out
  5. are going out
  6. are going out
  1. be gone out
  2. be gone out
  3. be gone out
  4. be gone out
  5. be gone out
  6. be gone out
  1. go out!
  2. let's go out!
  3. gone out
  4. going out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
en sortir go out
sortir go out abandon; be on the razzle; be on the spree; bring out; bulge; bulge out; clean out; clear; clear out; depart from; drain; empty; feast; finish; going out; issue; leave; pop; pull out; remove; retire; revel; secede from; show; take out; undo; unpick; withdraw
sortir de go out bring it off; carry it out; emerge; get away from; manage; wander from
- date; exit; get out; go steady; leave; see
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sortir issue
- lie down

Synonyms for "go out":

Antonyms for "go out":

Related Definitions for "go out":

  1. become extinguished1
  2. leave the house to go somewhere1
  3. take the field1
  4. move out of or depart from1
  5. date regularly; have a steady relationship with1
  6. go out of fashion; become unfashionable1

Wiktionary Translations for go out:

go out
  1. to leave one's abode to go to public places
  2. to leave, especially a building
go out
Cross Translation:
go out sortir ausgehenallgemein: das Haus verlassen; nach draußen gehen, um etwas zu tun

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