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  1. immediate cause:


Detailed Translations for immediate cause from English to French

immediate cause:

immediate cause [the ~] noun

  1. the immediate cause (cause; reason; motive)
    la raison; la cause; la provocation; le motif; le fondement; le germe
  2. the immediate cause (reason; cause)
    la raison; la cause directe

Translation Matrix for immediate cause:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cause cause; immediate cause; motive; reason bringing about; cause; causing
cause directe cause; immediate cause; reason
fondement cause; immediate cause; motive; reason basic rule; basic thought; basis; foundation; fundamental idea; initial concept; principle; rule of life
germe cause; immediate cause; motive; reason germ; germule; seed; seeds
motif cause; immediate cause; motive; reason cause; design; drawing; item; motive; pattern; principal theme; subject; subject matter; theme; topic
provocation cause; immediate cause; motive; reason alluring; begetting; bringing about; causing; challenge; effect; incitement; incitement to; instigation; instigation to; procreation; provocation; provoking; stirring up
raison cause; immediate cause; motive; reason apparition; brainpower; cause; fairness; frame of mind; genius; ghost; ghostly apparition; humor; humour; intellect; intellectual powers; intelligence; judiciousness; mental capacity; moderation; mood; phantom; propriety; reasonableness; right; seemliness; sense; specter; spectre; spook; suitability; temper; thought; wisdom

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