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Detailed Translations for indigestible from English to French


Translation Matrix for indigestible:

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de mauvaise humeur disagreeable; indigestible abrupt; bad tempered; cantankerous; complaining; crabbed; crusty; disgruntled; gruff; grumpy; lamenting; moody; nagging; peevish; put out; rigid; snappy; snarling; sullen; surly; wailing
désagréable disagreeable; indigestible aggravating; annoying; antipathetic; awkward; boring; bothersome; delicate; disagreeable; distasteful; dreadful; dull; exacting; ill at ease; ill-timed; impolite; incompetent; inconvenient; shocking; sourish; tasting sourishly; troublesome; ugly; unattractive; uncivil; uneasy; unfit; unfriendly; unkind; unpalatable; unpleasant; unsavory; unsavoury; unsuitable; untrue; unwelcome
impossible disagreeable; indigestible hopeless; impossible; impractible; not feasible; unrealistic
indigeste indigestible filling; heavy; rich
insupportable disagreeable; indigestible impolite; insufferable; intolerable; overbearing; unbearable
mal disposé disagreeable; indigestible

Synonyms for "indigestible":

  • flatulent; heavy; nondigestible; undigested; stodgy; inedible; uneatable

Antonyms for "indigestible":

  • digestible

Related Definitions for "indigestible":

  1. digested with difficulty1

Wiktionary Translations for indigestible:

  1. Difficile à digérer