Detailed Translations for inspection from English to French


inspection [the ~] noun

  1. the inspection (check up; analysis; examination; visitation)
    l'investigation; la recherche; l'enquête; l'examen; l'exploration; l'inspection
  2. the inspection (examination; examining; inspecting; testing)
    l'inspection; le contrôle
  3. the inspection
    l'inspection; la communication
  4. the inspection
  5. the inspection (taking cognizance; examination)
    le faire-part; l'avis; la communication
  6. the inspection (visit; view)
    la visite; l'inspection; l'examiner
  7. the inspection
    – The examination of a good or service to ensure that it complies with specifications. 1

Translation Matrix for inspection:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avis examination; inspection; taking cognizance advice; advising; angle; announcement; announcements; aspect; attitude; call; conception; conviction; convocation; counsel; creed; demand; disposition; idea; inclination; information; insight; interpretation; judgement; message; news; notice; notification; notion; opinion; outlook; perspective; piece of news; point of view; position; proclamation; proclamations; reading; reminder; report; sign; signal; stand; statement; subpoena; suggestion; summons; urgent request; version; view; vision; warrant; way of thinking
communication examination; inspection; taking cognizance announcement; call; communication; connection; contact; convocation; declaration; disclosure; information; junctions; line; linkage; linking; making known; message; notice; notification; piece of news; proclamation; publication; report; statement; summons; telephone connection
contrôle examination; examining; inspecting; inspection; testing Assay Office; administration; care; check; command; composure; control; cool; guardianship; management; monitoring; observation; quarantine; restraint; self-control; supervision; surveillance; test; validation; watch
enquête analysis; check up; examination; inspection; visitation check up; detective work; enquiry; examination; inquiry; interview; investigation; survey; test; tracing
examen analysis; check up; examination; inspection; visitation check up; exam; examination; preliminary examination; prelims; test
examiner inspection; view; visit
exploration analysis; check up; examination; inspection; visitation examination; expedition; exploration; prospecting; reconnoitering expedition; scouting expedition; search; test
faire-part examination; inspection; taking cognizance announcement; call; convocation; declaration; funeral card; information; making known; notice; notification; proclamation; publication; statement; summons
inspection analysis; check up; examination; examining; inspecting; inspection; testing; view; visit; visitation care; chimney; control; monitoring; observation; school inspection; supervision; surveillance; watch
investigation analysis; check up; examination; inspection; visitation detective work; exploration; investigation; prospecting; tracing
recherche analysis; check up; examination; inspection; visitation aiming for; ambition; aspirations; detective work; dragging; insistence; investigation; lugging; reconnoitering expedition; research; scouting expedition; search; searching; searching for; seeking after; test; tracing; urgency
service de contrôle inspection
visite inspection; view; visit attendance; sick-call; visitation; visiting the sick; visitors
- review
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
examiner affirm; audit; cast an eye on; check; check out; consider; control; examine; explore; glance; go through again; hear; inspect; investigate; look; look at; look into; look on; observe; regard; research; sample; scrutinise; scrutinize; search for; see; see over; see round; sniff around; study; survey; take samples; test; think it over; think out; think over; trace; try; verify; view; visit; watch
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contrôle control
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- examination

Related Words for "inspection":

  • inspections

Synonyms for "inspection":

Related Definitions for "inspection":

  1. a formal or official examination2
    • we had to wait for the inspection before we could use the elevator2
  2. The examination of a good or service to ensure that it complies with specifications.1

Wiktionary Translations for inspection:

  1. the act of examining something, often closely
Cross Translation:
inspection examen; révision; contrôle keuring — proces van het keuren

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