Detailed Translations for lodging-house keeper from English to French

lodging-house keeper:

lodging-house keeper [the ~] noun

  1. the lodging-house keeper (landlord; landlady)
    le propriétaire; le concierge; le logeur; le gardien; le propriétaire foncier; le patron d'une pension
  2. the lodging-house keeper (innkeeper; host; landlord; pub-keeper; café keeper)
    le propriétaire; l'aubergiste

Translation Matrix for lodging-house keeper:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aubergiste café keeper; host; innkeeper; landlord; lodging-house keeper; pub-keeper barkeeper; hostess; hotelkeeper; innkeeper; landlady; landlord; licencee; licensed victualler; licensee; lodging keeper; pub-keeper; publican; shopkeeper
concierge landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper attendant; blabber; blabbermouth; bodyguard; caretaker; chatterbox; chattering fool; concierge; dawdler; door-keeper; doorkeeper; doorman; driveller; ginger-snap; gossip; guard; hall porter; janitor; milksop; porter; rattle; scald-head; school porter; sentry; slowcoach; stick-in-the-mud; trifler; usher; waffler; warder; watchman
gardien landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper aide; animal foster; attendant; bodyguard; caretaker; conservator; crow's nest; door-keeper; facilitator; gate-keeper; guard; guardsman; jailer; keeper; marker; nurse; orderly; prison guard; protector; school porter; sentry; usher; warden; warder; watchman
logeur landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper hotelkeeper; innkeeper; lodging keeper
patron d'une pension landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper landlord
propriétaire café keeper; host; innkeeper; landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper; pub-keeper bearer; holder; homeowner; landlady; landlord; lessor; letter; owner; possessor; proprietor
propriétaire foncier landlady; landlord; lodging-house keeper landed proprietor; landlord; landowner; yeoman
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
propriétaire owner

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