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Detailed Translations for sit down from English to French

sit down:

to sit down verb (sits down, sat down, sitting down)

  1. to sit down (take your seat; settle down)
  2. to sit down (sit)
    – be seated 1
    • asseoir verb (assieds, assied, asseyons, asseyez, )

Conjugations for sit down:

  1. sit down
  2. sit down
  3. sits down
  4. sit down
  5. sit down
  6. sit down
simple past
  1. sat down
  2. sat down
  3. sat down
  4. sat down
  5. sat down
  6. sat down
present perfect
  1. have sat down
  2. have sat down
  3. has sat down
  4. have sat down
  5. have sat down
  6. have sat down
past continuous
  1. was sitting down
  2. were sitting down
  3. was sitting down
  4. were sitting down
  5. were sitting down
  6. were sitting down
  1. shall sit down
  2. will sit down
  3. will sit down
  4. shall sit down
  5. will sit down
  6. will sit down
continuous present
  1. am sitting down
  2. are sitting down
  3. is sitting down
  4. are sitting down
  5. are sitting down
  6. are sitting down
  1. be sat down
  2. be sat down
  3. be sat down
  4. be sat down
  5. be sat down
  6. be sat down
  1. sit down!
  2. let's sit down!
  3. sat down
  4. sitting down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for sit down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
asseoir sit; sit down add; base; locate; place; put; put down; situate
prendre place settle down; sit down; take your seat
s'asseoir settle down; sit down; take your seat
se placer settle down; sit down; take your seat
- seat; sit

Synonyms for "sit down":

Antonyms for "sit down":

Related Definitions for "sit down":

  1. be seated1
  2. show to a seat; assign a seat for1
  3. take a seat1

Wiktionary Translations for sit down:

sit down
  1. to assume a sitting position from a standing position

Cross Translation:
sit down asseoir setzen — (reflexiv) sich selbst in eine sitzende Position bringen

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