Detailed Translations for tap at from English to French

tap at:

tap at verb

  1. tap at (knock; tap)
    battre; frapper; cliqueter; toquer; taper sur; taper; heurter; claquer; cogner; craqueter
    • battre verb (bats, bat, battons, battez, )
    • frapper verb (frappe, frappes, frappons, frappez, )
    • cliqueter verb (cliquette, cliquettes, cliquetons, cliquetez, )
    • toquer verb (toque, toques, toquons, toquez, )
    • taper sur verb
    • taper verb (tape, tapes, tapons, tapez, )
    • heurter verb (heurte, heurtes, heurtons, heurtez, )
    • claquer verb (claque, claques, claquons, claquez, )
    • cogner verb (cogne, cognes, cognons, cognez, )
    • craqueter verb (craquette, craquettes, craquetons, craquetez, )

Translation Matrix for tap at:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
battre beat off
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
battre knock; tap; tap at affect; bang; battle with; beat up; churn; clack; clapper; clatter; combat; concern; contest; drum; dust; fight; ground; hammer; hit; move; pound; quarrel; slap; smack; spike; stir; strike; thump; touch; whip
claquer knock; tap; tap at clack; clapper; clatter; fill in; fill up; flutter; quell; rattle; ruckle; slam; snap shut
cliqueter knock; tap; tap at clack; clang; clapper; clatter; clink; flutter; jangle; jingle; rattle; rattling; ruckle; tinkle; tinkle away
cogner knock; tap; tap at bang; bang into; bump into; bump up against; collide; crash; hammer; hit; pound; punch; push; slap; smack; thump
craqueter knock; tap; tap at break; crack; crackle; snap; sputter
frapper knock; tap; tap at bang; bash someone; batter; beat; drum; ground; hammer; hit; pound; punch; push; slap; smack; smash; spike; strike; thump
heurter knock; tap; tap at annoy; bang; bang into; be annoying; brush against; bump against; bump into; bump up against; call; collide; collide with; crash; give offence; glance off; hammer; hit; ricochet off; ring; scandalise; scandalize; shock; slap; smack; thump; tinkle
taper knock; tap; tap at bang; bind; close; demarcate; drum; fence off; ground; hammer; hit; plug; pound; punch; push; put under seal; seal; shut; slap; smack; spike; stop up; thump; type; typewrite
taper sur knock; tap; tap at knock on; press on; tap on
toquer knock; tap; tap at glance; just touch; stir; tag; tap; tick; touch; touch upon

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