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Detailed Translations for whim from English to French


whim [the ~] noun

  1. the whim (spur of the moment; caprice; burst)
    le caprice; la passade; l'engouement
  2. the whim (quirk; caprice; mood; spur of the moment; fancy)
    le caprice; l'humeur
  3. the whim (impulse; caprice)
    l'impulsion; l'instinct

Translation Matrix for whim:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
caprice burst; caprice; fancy; mood; quirk; spur of the moment; whim caper; funny streak; shenanigan; silly trick
engouement burst; caprice; spur of the moment; whim craze; exaggerated love; mania; rage
humeur caprice; fancy; mood; quirk; spur of the moment; whim belief; creed; disposition; divine worship; faith; frame of mind; humor; humour; inclination; mental condition; mental state; mood; nature; religion; religious conviction; state of mind; temper
impulsion caprice; impulse; whim blow; boost; buffer; bump; bumper; craving; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; incitement; initiative; instigation; instinct; intuition; jab; momentum; nudge; punch; push; shove; spur; start; stimulant; stimulation; stimulus; thrill; thrust; urge; urging
instinct caprice; impulse; whim drive; impulse; instinct; intuition; natural drive; natural urge; urge
passade burst; caprice; spur of the moment; whim
- caprice; impulse; notion; whimsey; whimsy

Related Words for "whim":

  • whims

Synonyms for "whim":

Related Definitions for "whim":

  1. an odd or fanciful or capricious idea1
  2. a sudden desire1

Wiktionary Translations for whim:

  1. fanciful impulse
Cross Translation:
whim caprice Grille — vom Sprecher als unvernünftig, „dumm“ angesehene Idee
whim humeur; lubie Launemeist Plural: spontaner Gefühlsausbruch
whim humeur LauneGemütszustand; wie sich jemand fühlt oder worauf jemand gerade Lust hat

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