Detailed Translations for wound from English to French


wound [the ~] noun

  1. the wound (injury; hurt)
    la plaie; la blessure; la lésion; le trauma; le traumatisme
  2. the wound (cut; incision; knife wound)
    la coupure; l'entaille
  3. the wound (bit-sore)

to wound verb (wounds, wounded, wounding)

  1. to wound (injure; hurt; bruise)
    blesser; injurier
    • blesser verb (blesse, blesses, blessons, blessez, )
    • injurier verb (injurie, injuries, injurions, injuriez, )
  2. to wound (hurt; contuse; bruise; ache; injure)
    blesser; léser; meurtrir; injurier
    • blesser verb (blesse, blesses, blessons, blessez, )
    • léser verb (lèse, lèses, lésons, lésez, )
    • meurtrir verb (meurtris, meurtrit, meurtrissons, meurtrissez, )
    • injurier verb (injurie, injuries, injurions, injuriez, )

Conjugations for wound:

  1. wound
  2. wound
  3. wounds
  4. wound
  5. wound
  6. wound
simple past
  1. wounded
  2. wounded
  3. wounded
  4. wounded
  5. wounded
  6. wounded
present perfect
  1. have wounded
  2. have wounded
  3. has wounded
  4. have wounded
  5. have wounded
  6. have wounded
past continuous
  1. was wounding
  2. were wounding
  3. was wounding
  4. were wounding
  5. were wounding
  6. were wounding
  1. shall wound
  2. will wound
  3. will wound
  4. shall wound
  5. will wound
  6. will wound
continuous present
  1. am wounding
  2. are wounding
  3. is wounding
  4. are wounding
  5. are wounding
  6. are wounding
  1. be wounded
  2. be wounded
  3. be wounded
  4. be wounded
  5. be wounded
  6. be wounded
  1. wound!
  2. let's wound!
  3. wounded
  4. wounding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wound:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blessure hurt; injury; wound aching; affecting; being bruised; bruise; bruising; bump; damaging; harming; hurting; hurting someone's feelings; injuring; injury; lump; offending; pain; sore; swelling; wounding
blessure de mors bit-sore; wound
coupure cut; incision; knife wound; wound banknote; chit; clipping; cut; cutting; folding money; gash; groove; incised wound; incision; indentation; interruption; intersection; intrusion; nick; notch; note; paper money; piercing; score; scrawl; scribble; scribbling; section; short letter; slash; slip of paper; sliver
entaille cut; incision; knife wound; wound cartel; cleft; cut; fissure; furrow; gap; gash; groove; incised wound; incision; indentation; nick; notch; score; slash; slot; split; trench
lésion hurt; injury; wound blotch; bruise; cartilage trouble; contusion; flesh-wound; injury; pimple; swelling; swollen spot; torn cartilage; zit
plaie hurt; injury; wound crime; flesh-wound; injury; terror
trauma hurt; injury; wound
traumatisme hurt; injury; wound bruise; bump; injury; lump; swelling; trauma
- combat injury; injury; lesion; wounding
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blesser ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; attack; beat up; bruise; cause damage; damage; defamate; do harm; erode; harm; hurt; hurt oneself; hurt someone's feelings; injure; injure oneself; insult; knock about; maul; offend; slander; spoil; torment; torture; wound oneself
injurier ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound abuse; aggrieve; bawl; be furious; call names; call someone names; curse; damage; go off the deep end; grumble; harm; injure; jeer; jeer at; rage; rant; rave; scoff at; scream; storm; swear; taunt; thunder; to be furious; yell
léser ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; be disadvantuous; bruise; cause damage; cause disadvantage; damage; discriminate; do harm; harm; hurt; injure
meurtrir ache; bruise; contuse; hurt; injure; wound aggrieve; bounce; damage; harm; injure; rebound
- bruise; hurt; injure; offend; spite

Related Words for "wound":

Synonyms for "wound":

Related Definitions for "wound":

  1. put in a coil1
  2. the act of inflicting a wound1
  3. a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat1
  4. a figurative injury (to your feelings or pride)1
    • he feared that mentioning it might reopen the wound1
    • deep in her breast lives the silent wound1
    • The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken an immortal wound--that he will never get over it1
  5. an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)1
  6. cause injuries or bodily harm to1
  7. hurt the feelings of1

Wiktionary Translations for wound:

  1. injury
  2. something that offends a person’s feelings
  3. an injury to a person by which the skin is divided
  1. hurt or injure
  2. hurt (someone's feelings)
  1. frapper d’un coup qui fait une contusion, une plaie, une fracture.
  1. plaie ou fracture produire par un coup ou un choc. — note On le dit plus communément des coups qui entament la chair.
  2. Lésion (1)

Cross Translation:
wound blesser verwonden — lichamelijk letsel veroorzaken
wound plaie wond — een beschadiging in of aan het lichaam
wound plaie Wunde — offene Verletzung in der Haut oder im tieferliegenden Gewebe
wound blesser blessieren — (transitiv) veraltet, Soldatensprache: jemanden verletzen; jemanden verwunden
wound blesser verletzen — jemanden physisch (auch lebensgefährlich oder tödlich) verwunden
wound blesser verwunden — jemanden verletzen, eine Wunde zufügen

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