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    • cataloog


Detailed Translations for catalogue from English to Dutch


catalogue [the ~] noun

  1. the catalogue (catalog)
    de catalogus

to catalogue verb (catalogues, catalogued, cataloging)

  1. to catalogue (organize; order; organise)
    organiseren; ordenen; catalogiseren
    • organiseren verb (organiseer, organiseert, organiseerde, organiseerden, georganiseerd)
    • ordenen verb (orden, ordent, ordende, ordenden, geordend)
    • catalogiseren verb (catalogiseer, catalogiseert, catalogiseerde, catalogiseerden, gecatalogiseerd)

Conjugations for catalogue:

  1. catalogue
  2. catalogue
  3. catalogues
  4. catalogue
  5. catalogue
  6. catalogue
simple past
  1. catalogued
  2. catalogued
  3. catalogued
  4. catalogued
  5. catalogued
  6. catalogued
present perfect
  1. have catalogued
  2. have catalogued
  3. has catalogued
  4. have catalogued
  5. have catalogued
  6. have catalogued
past continuous
  1. was cataloging
  2. were cataloging
  3. was cataloging
  4. were cataloging
  5. were cataloging
  6. were cataloging
  1. shall catalogue
  2. will catalogue
  3. will catalogue
  4. shall catalogue
  5. will catalogue
  6. will catalogue
continuous present
  1. am cataloging
  2. are cataloging
  3. is cataloging
  4. are cataloging
  5. are cataloging
  6. are cataloging
  1. be catalogued
  2. be catalogued
  3. be catalogued
  4. be catalogued
  5. be catalogued
  6. be catalogued
  1. catalogue!
  2. let's catalogue!
  3. catalogued
  4. cataloging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for catalogue:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
catalogus catalog; catalogue catalog
ordenen arrangement; ordening
organiseren organizing
- catalog
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
catalogiseren catalogue; order; organise; organize
ordenen catalogue; order; organise; organize arrange; assort; classify; group; list all the points; select; shunt; sift; sort out
organiseren catalogue; order; organise; organize
- catalog

Synonyms for "catalogue":

Related Definitions for "catalogue":

  1. a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things1
  2. a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically1
  3. make an itemized list or catalog of; classify1
  4. make a catalogue, compile a catalogue1

Wiktionary Translations for catalogue:

  1. to add to an existing catalogue
  2. to make a catalogue of
  3. to put into a catalogue
  1. a list of all the publications in a library
  2. a complete list of items
  3. a systematic list of names, books, pictures etc.
  1. in een register onderbrengen

Cross Translation:
catalogue catalogus Katalog — systematisch erstelltes Verzeichnis von Sachen oder auch von Personen, die gemeinsame Merkmale aufweisen; Verkaufs-, Warenangebot

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