Detailed Translations for conform to from English to Swedish

conform to:

to conform to verb (conforms to, conformed to, conforming to)

  1. to conform to (correspond with)
    överenskomma med
  2. to conform to (equalise; match; correspond with; equalize)
    utjämna; likställa
    • utjämna verb (utjämnar, utjämnade, utjämnat)
    • likställa verb (likställer, likställde, likställt)
  3. to conform to (go along with; adjust; suit; settle oneself; resign oneself to the inevitable)
    anpassa sig
    • anpassa sig verb (anpassar sig, anpassade sig, anpassat sig)
  4. to conform to (adjust; join)
    conformera sig
    • conformera sig verb (conformerar sig, conformerade sig, conformerat sig)

Conjugations for conform to:

  1. conform to
  2. conform to
  3. conforms to
  4. conform to
  5. conform to
  6. conform to
simple past
  1. conformed to
  2. conformed to
  3. conformed to
  4. conformed to
  5. conformed to
  6. conformed to
present perfect
  1. have conformed to
  2. have conformed to
  3. has conformed to
  4. have conformed to
  5. have conformed to
  6. have conformed to
past continuous
  1. was conforming to
  2. were conforming to
  3. was conforming to
  4. were conforming to
  5. were conforming to
  6. were conforming to
  1. shall conform to
  2. will conform to
  3. will conform to
  4. shall conform to
  5. will conform to
  6. will conform to
continuous present
  1. am conforming to
  2. are conforming to
  3. is conforming to
  4. are conforming to
  5. are conforming to
  6. are conforming to
  1. be conformed to
  2. be conformed to
  3. be conformed to
  4. be conformed to
  5. be conformed to
  6. be conformed to
  1. conform to!
  2. let's conform to!
  3. conformed to
  4. conforming to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for conform to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anpassa sig adjust; conform to; go along with; resign oneself to the inevitable; settle oneself; suit acclimatise; acclimatize; get acclimatized
conformera sig adjust; conform to; join
likställa conform to; correspond with; equalise; equalize; match
utjämna conform to; correspond with; equalise; equalize; match balance; equalise; equalize; level; level down; level out; level up; plane; smooth
överenskomma med conform to; correspond with
- fit; follow; meet

Synonyms for "conform to":

Antonyms for "conform to":

Related Definitions for "conform to":

  1. behave in accordance or in agreement with1
  2. satisfy a condition or restriction1
  3. observe1
    • conform to the rules1

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