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Detailed Translations for constrict from English to Swedish


to constrict verb (constricts, constricted, constricting)

  1. to constrict
    dra samman; tränga ihop; snöra in; pressa samman; få att dra ihop sig; dra ihop
    • dra samman verb (drar samman, drog samman, dragit samman)
    • tränga ihop verb (tränger ihop, trängde ihop, trängt ihop)
    • snöra in verb (snör in, snörde in, snört in)
    • pressa samman verb (pressar samman, pressade samman, pressat samman)
    • få att dra ihop sig verb (får att dra ihop sig, fick att dra ihop sig, fått att dra ihop sig)
    • dra ihop verb (drar ihop, drog ihop, dragit ihop)
  2. to constrict (ligate)
    binda av
    • binda av verb (binder av, band av, bundit av)

Conjugations for constrict:

  1. constrict
  2. constrict
  3. constricts
  4. constrict
  5. constrict
  6. constrict
simple past
  1. constricted
  2. constricted
  3. constricted
  4. constricted
  5. constricted
  6. constricted
present perfect
  1. have constricted
  2. have constricted
  3. has constricted
  4. have constricted
  5. have constricted
  6. have constricted
past continuous
  1. was constricting
  2. were constricting
  3. was constricting
  4. were constricting
  5. were constricting
  6. were constricting
  1. shall constrict
  2. will constrict
  3. will constrict
  4. shall constrict
  5. will constrict
  6. will constrict
continuous present
  1. am constricting
  2. are constricting
  3. is constricting
  4. are constricting
  5. are constricting
  6. are constricting
  1. be constricted
  2. be constricted
  3. be constricted
  4. be constricted
  5. be constricted
  6. be constricted
  1. constrict!
  2. let's constrict!
  3. constricted
  4. constricting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for constrict:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
binda av constrict; ligate unbuckle; untying
dra ihop constrict
dra samman constrict assemble; contract
få att dra ihop sig constrict
pressa samman constrict
snöra in constrict lace up
tränga ihop constrict throng together
- compact; compress; constringe; contract; narrow; press; squeeze

Related Words for "constrict":

  • constricting, constrictive

Synonyms for "constrict":

Related Definitions for "constrict":

  1. become tight or as if tight1
    • Her throat constricted1
  2. squeeze or press together1

Wiktionary Translations for constrict:

Cross Translation:
constrict avgränsa; begränsa limiter — Servir de ligne de démarcation à un terrain, à un pays.