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Detailed Translations for deceive from English to Swedish


to deceive verb (deceives, deceived, deceiving)

  1. to deceive (swindle; cheat; hoodwink; woodwink; diddle)
    svindla; bedra; lura
    • svindla verb (svindlar, svindlade, svindlat)
    • bedra verb (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • lura verb (lurar, lurade, lurat)
  2. to deceive (fool; kid)
    • bedra verb (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
  3. to deceive (lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track)
    sätta på fel spår; föra bakom ljuset; lura; förleda
    • sätta på fel spår verb (sätter på fel spår, satte på fel spår, satt på fel spår)
    • föra bakom ljuset verb (för bakom ljuset, förde bakom ljuset, fört bakom ljuset)
    • lura verb (lurar, lurade, lurat)
    • förleda verb (förleder, förledde, förlett)
  4. to deceive (fiddle)
    bedra; vilseleda; föra bakom ljuset
    • bedra verb (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • vilseleda verb (vilseledar, vilseledadde, vilselett)
    • föra bakom ljuset verb (för bakom ljuset, förde bakom ljuset, fört bakom ljuset)
  5. to deceive (trick; spoof; swindle)
    vilseleda; lura; bedra; svindla; göra besviken
    • vilseleda verb (vilseledar, vilseledadde, vilselett)
    • lura verb (lurar, lurade, lurat)
    • bedra verb (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • svindla verb (svindlar, svindlade, svindlat)
    • göra besviken verb (gör besviken, gjorde besviken, gjort besviken)

Conjugations for deceive:

  1. deceive
  2. deceive
  3. deceives
  4. deceive
  5. deceive
  6. deceive
simple past
  1. deceived
  2. deceived
  3. deceived
  4. deceived
  5. deceived
  6. deceived
present perfect
  1. have deceived
  2. have deceived
  3. has deceived
  4. have deceived
  5. have deceived
  6. have deceived
past continuous
  1. was deceiving
  2. were deceiving
  3. was deceiving
  4. were deceiving
  5. were deceiving
  6. were deceiving
  1. shall deceive
  2. will deceive
  3. will deceive
  4. shall deceive
  5. will deceive
  6. will deceive
continuous present
  1. am deceiving
  2. are deceiving
  3. is deceiving
  4. are deceiving
  5. are deceiving
  6. are deceiving
  1. be deceived
  2. be deceived
  3. be deceived
  4. be deceived
  5. be deceived
  6. be deceived
  1. deceive!
  2. let's deceive!
  3. deceived
  4. deceiving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for deceive:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bedra cheat; deceive; diddle; fiddle; fool; hoodwink; kid; spoof; swindle; trick; woodwink cheat; commit fraud; con; delude; dodge; fool; hold out; lie; swindle; trick
föra bakom ljuset deceive; fiddle; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track
förleda deceive; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track allure; attract; delude; entice; hold out; invite; lead astray; lure; seduce; tempt
göra besviken deceive; spoof; swindle; trick betray; confound; disappoint; embarras; fail; fail in something; fall short; work out badly
lura cheat; deceive; diddle; hoodwink; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track; spoof; swindle; trick; woodwink allure; attract; cheat; commit fraud; con; delude; dodge; entice; fool; gull; hold out; invite; lie; lure; pull someone's leg; seduce; spoof; swindle; take the micky out of; tempt; trick
svindla cheat; deceive; diddle; hoodwink; spoof; swindle; trick; woodwink cheat; con; get dizzy; gull; spoof; swindle; trick
sätta på fel spår deceive; lead up the garden path; mislead; put on the wrong track
vilseleda deceive; fiddle; spoof; swindle; trick delude; hold out
- betray; cozen; delude; lead astray; lead on

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Antonyms for "deceive":

  • undeceive

Related Definitions for "deceive":

  1. cause someone to believe an untruth1
    • The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house1
  2. be false to; be dishonest with1

Wiktionary Translations for deceive:

  1. trick or mislead

Cross Translation:
deceive lura beschwindelntransitiv, umgangssprachlich: jemandem bewusst die Unwahrheit sagen
deceive bedra betrügen — jemandem absichtlich und böswillig die Unwahrheit sagen
deceive lura; vilseleda täuschenfalsche Tatsachen vorspiegeln
deceive lura avoir — Tromper.