Detailed Translations for expedient from English to Swedish


expedient [the ~] noun

  1. the expedient (remedy; resources; makeshift; help)


  1. expedient (means; resource; way out)

Translation Matrix for expedient:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hjälpmedel expedient; help; makeshift; remedy; resources accessibility; accessibility aid; equipment; hand tool; implement; tool; tools
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
utväg expedient; means; resource; way out
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
klokt advisable; expedient; recommendable bright; clever; ingenious; intelligent; prudish; quick-witted; rational; resourceful; right-thinking; sane; sensible; sharp; smart; wise
lämplig advisable; expedient; recommendable applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; effective; efficient; fit; fitting; proper; relevant; right; suitable
lämpligt advisable; expedient; recommendable adequate; applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; convenient; effective; efficient; fit; fitting; opportune; proper; relevant; right; suitable
lövlig advisable; commendable; expedient; honorable; honourable; laudable; praiseworthy; recommendable
på ett sätt man kan rekommendera advisable; expedient; recommendable
rekommendabelt advisable; expedient; recommendable
rådvärt advisable; commendable; expedient; honorable; honourable; laudable; praiseworthy; recommendable

Related Words for "expedient":

  • expedients, expediently

Synonyms for "expedient":

Antonyms for "expedient":

  • inexpedient

Related Definitions for "expedient":

  1. serving to promote your interest1
    • was merciful only when mercy was expedient1
  2. appropriate to a purpose; practical1
    • in the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty1
  3. a means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one1

Wiktionary Translations for expedient:

  1. simple, easy, or quick; convenient

Cross Translation:
expedient passande; tjänlig; anständig convenable — Qui est approprier, qui convient à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.
expedient läkemedel; medicin remède — médecine|fr substance qui sert à guérir un mal ou une maladie.