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Detailed Translations for ogre from English to Swedish


ogre [the ~] noun

  1. the ogre (monster; monstrosity; beast)
    – (folklore) a giant who likes to eat human beings 1
  2. the ogre (ugly fellow; monstrosity)
    – a cruel wicked and inhuman person 1

Translation Matrix for ogre:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ful gubbe monstrosity; ogre; ugly fellow
missformning beast; monster; monstrosity; ogre
monsteraktig beast; monster; monstrosity; ogre
- daemon; demon; devil; fiend; monster

Related Words for "ogre":

  • ogres

Synonyms for "ogre":

Related Definitions for "ogre":

  1. (folklore) a giant who likes to eat human beings1
  2. a cruel wicked and inhuman person1

Wiktionary Translations for ogre:

  1. brutish man
  2. large beast
  3. brutish giant

Cross Translation:
ogre troll Oger — Bösewicht in Märchen, menschenfressendes Ungeheuer