Detailed Translations for practice from English to Swedish


practice [the ~] noun, American

  1. the practice (routine; experience; skill; practise)
    erfarenhet; praktik; rutin; kunskap
  2. the practice (exercise; training; drill; practise)
    träning; övning
  3. the practice (application; utilization; implementation; )
  4. the practice (practise; performance)
  5. the practice (doctoring; practise; tinker at)

to practice verb, American (practices, practiced, practicing)

  1. to practice (exercise; train; tutor; practise)
    öva; träna
    • öva verb (övar, övade, övat)
    • träna verb (tränar, tränade, tränat)
  2. to practice (utilize; apply; implement; )
    använda; nyttja; tillgodogöra sig
    • använda verb (använder, använde, använt)
    • nyttja verb (nyttjar, nyttjade, nyttjat)
    • tillgodogöra sig verb (tillgodogör sig, tillgodogjorde sig, tillgodogjort sig)
  3. to practice (practise)
    • praktisera verb (praktiserar, praktiserade, praktiserat)
  4. to practice (use; utilize; make use of; )
    • använda verb (använder, använde, använt)
  5. to practice (practise; study; learn)
    studera; öva; praktisera
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • öva verb (övar, övade, övat)
    • praktisera verb (praktiserar, praktiserade, praktiserat)
  6. to practice (practise; rehearse; exercise; train)
    • öva verb (övar, övade, övat)
  7. to practice (rehearse; resume; repeat; practise; redo)
    öva; repetera
    • öva verb (övar, övade, övat)
    • repetera verb (repeterar, repeterade, repeterat)
  8. to practice (practise; exercise)
    praktisera; använda; tillämpa
    • praktisera verb (praktiserar, praktiserade, praktiserat)
    • använda verb (använder, använde, använt)
    • tillämpa verb (tillämpar, tillämpade, tillämpat)

Conjugations for practice:

  1. practice
  2. practice
  3. practices
  4. practice
  5. practice
  6. practice
simple past
  1. practiced
  2. practiced
  3. practiced
  4. practiced
  5. practiced
  6. practiced
present perfect
  1. have practiced
  2. have practiced
  3. has practiced
  4. have practiced
  5. have practiced
  6. have practiced
past continuous
  1. was practicing
  2. were practicing
  3. was practicing
  4. were practicing
  5. were practicing
  6. were practicing
  1. shall practice
  2. will practice
  3. will practice
  4. shall practice
  5. will practice
  6. will practice
continuous present
  1. am practicing
  2. are practicing
  3. is practicing
  4. are practicing
  5. are practicing
  6. are practicing
  1. be practiced
  2. be practiced
  3. be practiced
  4. be practiced
  5. be practiced
  6. be practiced
  1. practice!
  2. let's practice!
  3. practiced
  4. practicing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

practice American

  1. practice (custom; practise; usage)
  2. practice (custom; practise; usage)
  3. practice (drill; rehearse; practise; train)
  4. practice (practise; custom)

Translation Matrix for practice:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
användning administration; adoption; application; implementation; infliction; practice; practise; use; utilisation; utilization ante; application; consumption; employing; exertion; expenditure; inset; linguistic usage; stakes; usage; use
erfarenhet experience; practice; practise; routine; skill discovery; experience; finding
kunskap experience; practice; practise; routine; skill ability; acquaintance; gnosis; knowledge; science; skill
praktik experience; practice; practise; routine; skill traineeship
praktisera som läkare doctoring; practice; practise; tinker at
rutin experience; practice; practise; routine; skill jogtrot; manufacturing process; method; method of working; mode of operation; operation procedure; procedure; routine; rut; system; working method
träning drill; exercise; practice; practise; training drilling; education; muscular activity; schooling; teaching; training
övning drill; exercise; performance; practice; practise; training practice piece; study
- drill; exercise; pattern; practice session; practise; praxis; recitation; work experience
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
använda administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; exercise; handle; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize apply; consume; count; divert; employ; exert; make use of; spend; take; take advantage; use; use up; utilise; utilize; weigh
nyttja administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize apply; employ; make use of; take; use; utilise; utilize
praktisera exercise; learn; practice; practise; study
repetera practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume admire; cherish; respect
studera learn; practice; practise; study acquire; cram up a lesson; get the hang of; learn; pick up; qualify; research; study; studying; swot; teach; train
tillgodogöra sig administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize
tillämpa exercise; practice; practise
träna exercise; lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor break in; educate; instruct; lead up; prepare; school; teach; train; tutor
öva exercise; lead up; learn; practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume; study; train; tutor drill; educate; exercise; lead up; school; train; tutor
- apply; commit; do; drill; exercise; practise; rehearse; use
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inöva drill; practice; practise; rehearse; train
kutym custom; practice; practise; usage
praxis custom; practice; practise; usage
sedvana custom; practice; practise
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
erfarenhet able; adroit; by experience; capable; from experience; proficient; skilful; skilled; skillful; trained

Related Words for "practice":

Synonyms for "practice":

Related Definitions for "practice":

  1. a customary way of operation or behavior1
    • it is their practice to give annual raises1
  2. translating an idea into action1
    • a hard theory to put into practice1
  3. the exercise of a profession1
    • the practice of the law1
    • I took over his practice when he retired1
  4. systematic training by multiple repetitions1
    • practice makes perfect1
  5. knowledge of how something is usually done1
    • it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner1
  6. learn by repetition1
    • Pianists practice scales1
  7. engage in a rehearsal (of)1
  8. engage in or perform1
    • practice safe sex1
  9. avail oneself to1
    • practice a religion1
    • practice non-violent resistance1
  10. carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions1
    • practice law1

Wiktionary Translations for practice:

  1. repetition of an activity to improve skill
  1. to repeat an activity as a way of improving one's skill
  2. to perform or execute a craft or skill
  3. to perform or observe in a habitual fashion

Cross Translation:
practice Fågelskådare vogelen — het voor hobby bekijken en determineren van vogels
practice sedvänja; bruk; tradition; sed Brauch — übliche oder traditionelle Verhaltensweise in einer Gesellschaft
practice använda; begagna; bruka; lägga; ställa; sätta appliquermettre une chose sur une autre, soit pour qu’elle y demeure adhérente, être pour qu’elle y laisser une empreinte, soit simplement pour qu’elle y toucher.
practice vana coutume — À trier
practice övning exerciceaction d’exercer ou de s’exercer.
practice vana habitudedisposition acquérir par des actes réitérer.
practice praktik pratique — (term, Art ou science) application, usage des règles et des principes, par opposition à théorie, qui en est la connaissance raisonner.

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