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  1. ram down:


Detailed Translations for ram down from English to Swedish

ram down:

to ram down verb (rams down, rammed down, ramming down)

  1. to ram down (tamp; ram)
    stampa till; stampa fast
    • stampa till verb (stampar till, stampade till, stampat till)
    • stampa fast verb (stampar fast, stampade fast, stampat fast)

Conjugations for ram down:

  1. ram down
  2. ram down
  3. rams down
  4. ram down
  5. ram down
  6. ram down
simple past
  1. rammed down
  2. rammed down
  3. rammed down
  4. rammed down
  5. rammed down
  6. rammed down
present perfect
  1. have rammed down
  2. have rammed down
  3. has rammed down
  4. have rammed down
  5. have rammed down
  6. have rammed down
past continuous
  1. was ramming down
  2. were ramming down
  3. was ramming down
  4. were ramming down
  5. were ramming down
  6. were ramming down
  1. shall ram down
  2. will ram down
  3. will ram down
  4. shall ram down
  5. will ram down
  6. will ram down
continuous present
  1. am ramming down
  2. are ramming down
  3. is ramming down
  4. are ramming down
  5. are ramming down
  6. are ramming down
  1. be rammed down
  2. be rammed down
  3. be rammed down
  4. be rammed down
  5. be rammed down
  6. be rammed down
  1. ram down!
  2. let's ram down!
  3. rammed down
  4. ramming down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ram down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stampa fast ram; ram down; tamp
stampa till ram; ram down; tamp
- beat in; drill in; hammer in; pound; ram

Synonyms for "ram down":

Related Definitions for "ram down":

  1. teach by drills and repetition1
  2. strike or drive against with a heavy impact1

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