Detailed Translations for single from English to Swedish


single adj

  1. single (one; a; an)
  2. single (unmarried)
  3. single (one man)
  4. single (bachelor; spinster; unattached)

single [the ~] noun

  1. the single (bachelor)
  2. the single (single record)


  1. single (only; one; sole)
  2. single

Translation Matrix for single:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
singel single; single record gravel; grit; pebble-sand; shingle
singelskiva single; single record
ungkarl bachelor; single
- 1; I; ace; bingle; one; unity
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- exclusive; individual; undivided; unmarried
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enda one; only; single; sole
ensamt that alone
singelplatta single
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ensam one man; single living on one's own; sole; solitary; withdrawn
ensamstående bachelor; single; spinster; unattached living on his own; one person household
ensamt one man; single living on one's own; solitary; withdrawn
ogift single; unmarried
sig själv a; an; one; single
ungkarl single; unmarried

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Related Definitions for "single":

  1. being or characteristic of a single thing or person1
  2. not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective1
    • judging a contest with a single eye1
    • a single devotion to duty1
  3. not married or related to the unmarried state1
    • sex and the single girl1
    • single parenthood1
    • are you married or single?1
  4. having uniform application1
    • a single legal code for all1
  5. characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing1
    • single occupancy1
    • a single bed1
  6. existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual1
    • upon the hill stood a single tower1
    • had but a single thought which was to escape1
    • a single survivor1
    • a single serving1
    • a single lens1
    • a single thickness1
  7. used of flowers having usually only one row or whorl of petals1
    • single chrysanthemums resemble daisies and may have more than one row of petals1
  8. a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base1
  9. the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number1
  10. hit a single1
    • the batter singled to left field1

Wiktionary Translations for single:

  1. not accompanied by anything else
  2. not divided in parts
  3. designed for the use of only one
  4. not married nor dating
  5. botany: having only one rank or row of petal
  1. 45 RPM vinyl record
  2. popular song
  3. one who is not married

Cross Translation:
single ensamstående alleinstehend — ohne Familie oder Partner/Partnerin lebend
single enkel einfach — nicht wiederholen
single en gång i tiden; en gång; engångs- einmalig — so, dass es nur wirklich einmal vorkommt oder stattfindet
single enskild; enstaka; ensam einzelnalleine; nur eins von mehreren
single personlig; individuell individuell — auf das Individuum, den einzelnen Menschen bezogen (auch übertragen zu anderen Gegenständen)
single obunden; single; ogift ledig — nicht verheiratet
single gemensam commun — Qui sert, qui peut servir à tout le monde ou seulement à plusieurs personnes.
single ogift célibataire — Qui n’est pas marié
single ensam seul — Qui est sans compagnie ; qui n’est point avec d’autres.

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