Detailed Translations for trolley from English to Swedish


trolley [the ~] noun

  1. the trolley (little cart; cart; trap; car)
    kärra; skrinda; liten vagn
  2. the trolley (tram; wagon; waggon)
  3. the trolley
    tralla; lastvagn; truck; dragkärra; rullbord
  4. the trolley (hand truck)
  5. the trolley (wagon; waggon)
    vagn; dressin

Translation Matrix for trolley:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dragkärra trolley barrow; hand-cart; handcart; pushcart
dressin trolley; waggon; wagon
handkärra hand truck; trolley barrow; garden cart; hand-cart; handcart; lawn cart; pushcart; wheelbarrow
kärra car; cart; little cart; trap; trolley farm wagon; farmhouse cart
lastvagn trolley
liten vagn car; cart; little cart; trap; trolley
rullbord trolley
skrinda car; cart; little cart; trap; trolley
spårvagn tram; trolley; waggon; wagon cable car; cable tram
tralla trolley
truck trolley tractor trailer; trailer truck; truck
vagn trolley; waggon; wagon cart; chariot; waggon; wagon
- streetcar; tram; tramcar; trolley car

Related Words for "trolley":

  • trolleys

Synonyms for "trolley":

  • streetcar; tram; tramcar; trolley car; self-propelled vehicle

Related Definitions for "trolley":

  1. a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity1

Wiktionary Translations for trolley:

  1. cart or shopping cart
  2. hand truck
  3. soapbox car
  4. streetcar

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