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  1. ACK:


Detailed Translations for ACK from Spanish to English



  1. ACK (confirmación)
    the acknowledgement; the ACK
    – A message transmitted to indicate that data has been received correctly. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) requires that the recipient acknowledge successful receipt of data. Such acknowledgments (ACKs) generate additional network traffic, decreasing the rate at which data passes but increasing reliability. To reduce the impact on performance, most hosts send an acknowledgment for every other segment or when a specified time interval has passed. 1

Translation Matrix for ACK:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ACK ACK; confirmación
acknowledgement ACK; confirmación agradecimiento; carta de agradecimiento; confesión; convalidación; demostración de gratitud; expresión de gratitud; gracias; homologación; palabras de agradecimiento; palabras de gratitud; reconocimiento