Detailed Translations for agente from Spanish to English


agente [el ~] noun

  1. el agente (policía; guardia)
    the policeman; the constable; the police officer; the officer of police; the policewoman
  2. el agente
    the intermediary
    – a negotiator who acts as a link between parties 1
    the mediator; the intercessor; the negotiator; the go-between

agente [la ~] noun

  1. la agente (policía)
    the policewoman


  1. agente
    the agent
    – An application that runs on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managed device. The agent application is the object of management activities. A computer running SNMP agent software is also sometimes referred to as an agent. 2
  2. agente
    the agent
    – The part of the rig that is used to run tests and generate simulated load. 2
  3. agente
    the agent
    – A monitoring option in real-time spyware protection that monitors various types and areas of software activity on your computer. 2
  4. agente
    the agent
    – A managed software component that monitors events and performance pertaining to a specific application component, and transmits observations to a host application for display, action, or reporting. 2
  5. agente
    the agent
    – An Operations Manager feature that is installed on the Windows-based computers that you want to monitor. The agent collects data, compares sampled data to predefined values, creates alerts and runs responses. 2
  6. agente
    the agent
    – A person who works for a call center and signs in to an ACD system or who responds to calls routed to him or her by an IVR system. Formal agents may be signed in into UC throughout the day, and they may sign in and out of the ACD system during the day. They are fully aware of their role as an agent and want to be able to see the numbers of calls in the queues they are serving, and so on. Informal agents may not consider themselves as agents, and they don’t sign in and out of the ACD system as agents. They do not monitor queue fill levels or other metrics. 2
  7. agente
    the agent
    – A helper bot for Windows Live Messenger that was developed on the Windows Live Agents platform. 2
  8. agente
    the broker
    – Software that sits between two or more applications being integrated, interacting with all of them. 2

Translation Matrix for agente:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agent agente agente de ventas; representante
broker agente
constable agente; guardia; policía policía
go-between agente intermediarios; mediadores
intercessor agente mediador; negociador
intermediary agente intermediario; médium
mediator agente Defensor del Pueblo; mediador; negociador
negotiator agente mediador; negociador
officer of police agente; guardia; policía
police officer agente; guardia; policía
policeman agente; guardia; policía policía
policewoman agente; guardia; policía
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
broker corredor de comercio
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
intermediary intermediario; intermedio

Related Words for "agente":

  • agentes

Synonyms for "agente":

Wiktionary Translations for agente:

  1. grammar: performer of the action in a sentence
  2. computing: part of the system that performs action on behalf of a client or server
  3. active power or cause
  4. one who acts in place of another
  5. an officer in a law enforcement agency
  6. a female police officer

Cross Translation:
agente dealer, retailer, shopkeeper Händler — Person, die mit etwas handelt, einen Handel betreibt
agente agent agens — een werkzame stof
agente agent; actor; policeman; cop; copper; constable; officer; police officer; operative agent — Celui, celle, ce qui agit.

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