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  1. alejar
    zoom out
    – To adjust the perspective of an image or document in order to view a larger area on the screen at one time, as if viewed from farther away. 1
  2. alejar
    the pinch; the pinch gesture
    – A zoom out gesture represented by two fingers with at least one of them moving towards the other finger at any angle, within an acceptable tolerance. 1

Translation Matrix for alejar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pinch alejar birlar; pellizco
pinch gesture alejar
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pinch acuciar; apretar; arrebatar; birlar; coger; dar un pellizco; defraudar; desfalcar; disentir; disimular; divergir; escapar; evitar; guardarse de; huntar; hurtar; hurtqr; llevarse con el pico; mangar; mangar a; pellizcar; quedar ceñido; robar
zoom out alejar

Synonyms for "alejar":

Wiktionary Translations for alejar:

  1. move away

Cross Translation:
alejar remove verwijderen — weghalen
alejar remove; extirpate; deprive; delete entfernenhinwegnehmen oder herausnehmen; dafür sorgen, dass etwas nicht da ist
alejar remove; distance éloigner — Écarter une chose ou une personne d’une autre. (Sens général).

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