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Detailed Translations for alfombra from Spanish to English


alfombra [la ~] noun

  1. la alfombra (tapiz; moqueta; alfombrado)
    the carpet; the rug
  2. la alfombra (moqueta; tapiz)
    the floor covering; the tapestry; the carpet; the rug

Translation Matrix for alfombra:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
carpet alfombra; alfombrado; moqueta; tapiz tapicería; vestido
floor covering alfombra; moqueta; tapiz
rug alfombra; alfombrado; moqueta; tapiz alfombrilla; carpetita; mantelito; vestido
tapestry alfombra; moqueta; tapiz gobelino; tapicería; tapiz; tapiz mural

Synonyms for "alfombra":

Wiktionary Translations for alfombra:

  1. A fabric used as a floor covering
  2. small carpet

Cross Translation:
alfombra carpet tapijt — vloerkleed
alfombra runner Läufer — langer und schmaler Teppich
alfombra carpet Teppich — Fußbodenbelag aus Stoff
alfombra carpet tapis — Pièce de tissu pour recouvrir

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