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Detailed Translations for calibre from Spanish to English


calibre [el ~] noun

  1. el calibre
    the diameter; the bore; the calibre; the caliber
  2. el calibre
    the calibre; the caliber
  3. el calibre (graduación)
    the calibration

Translation Matrix for calibre:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bore calibre latoso; letoso; palisa; pelmazo; pesado
caliber calibre grado
calibration calibre; graduación determinación de la posición; graduación; marco
calibre calibre grado
diameter calibre diámetro; línea media
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bore aburrir; alumbrar; cansar; encontrar

Related Words for "calibre":

  • calibres, calibra, calibras

Synonyms for "calibre":

Wiktionary Translations for calibre:

  1. any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge
  2. Diameter of round or cylindrical body, as of a bullet, projectile or column
  3. Unit of measure of the length of the bore of a weapon
  4. Diameter of the bore of a firearm
  5. measuring instrument
en-plural noun
  1. device used to measure thickness between two surfaces

Cross Translation:
calibre caliber; calibre KaliberInnendurchmesser des Laufes einer Feuerwaffe beziehungsweise Durchmesser eines Projektils
calibre vernier caliper; vernier calliper pied à coulisseinstrument permettant de mesurer les longueurs, composé d’une règle fixe graduée en millimètres, et d’une partie coulissante.

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