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Detailed Translations for confirmar from Spanish to English


confirmar verb

  1. confirmar (acceder; reconocer; conceder; )
    to confirm; to endorse; to assent to
    • confirm verb (confirms, confirmed, confirming)
    • endorse verb (endorses, endorsed, endorsing)
    • assent to verb (assents to, assented to, assenting to)
  2. confirmar
    to commit
    – To modify a virtual hard disk associated with a virtual machine on which the Undo Disks feature has been enabled. This process modifies the parent virtual hard disk by merging the contents of an undo disk (.vud) file to the virtual hard disk. 1
    • commit verb (commits, committed, committing)
  3. confirmar
    to confirm
    – To acknowledge an action or the value of some data (e.g. password) by definite assurance. 1
    • confirm verb (confirms, confirmed, confirming)
  4. confirmar (confirmación)
    the commit
    – An operation that saves all changes to databases, cubes, or dimensions made since the start of a transaction. 1

Conjugations for confirmar:

  1. confirmo
  2. confirmas
  3. confirma
  4. confirmamos
  5. confirmáis
  6. confirman
  1. confirmaba
  2. confirmabas
  3. confirmaba
  4. confirmábamos
  5. confirmabais
  6. confirmaban
  1. confirmé
  2. confirmaste
  3. confirmó
  4. confirmamos
  5. confirmasteis
  6. confirmaron
fut. de ind.
  1. confirmaré
  2. confirmarás
  3. confirmará
  4. confirmaremos
  5. confirmaréis
  6. confirmarán
  1. confirmaría
  2. confirmarías
  3. confirmaría
  4. confirmaríamos
  5. confirmaríais
  6. confirmarían
pres. de subj.
  1. que confirme
  2. que confirmes
  3. que confirme
  4. que confirmemos
  5. que confirméis
  6. que confirmen
imp. de subj.
  1. que confirmara
  2. que confirmaras
  3. que confirmara
  4. que confirmáramos
  5. que confirmarais
  6. que confirmaran
  1. ¡confirma!
  2. ¡confirmad!
  3. ¡no confirmes!
  4. ¡no confirméis!
  5. confirmado
  6. confirmando
1. yo, 2. tú, 3. él/ella/usted, 4. nosotros/nosotras, 5. vosotros/vosotras, 6. ellos/ellas/ustedes

Translation Matrix for confirmar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
commit confirmación; confirmar
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
assent to acceder; adherirse; admitir; asentir a; conceder; confirmar; consentir; reconocer; suscribir acceder; aprobar; autorizar; consentir en; declarar apto; legalizar; ratificar
commit confirmar cometer; hacer algo accidentalmente; perpetrar
confirm acceder; adherirse; admitir; asentir a; conceder; confirmar; consentir; reconocer; suscribir acreditar; afirmar; aprobar; atar; autorizar; consentir; fijar; observar; pegar; pegar un sello; percatarse de; precintar; ratificar; rubricar; sellar; señalar; sujetar; ver
endorse acceder; adherirse; admitir; asentir a; conceder; confirmar; consentir; reconocer; suscribir

Synonyms for "confirmar":

Wiktionary Translations for confirmar:

  1. to assure
  2. to confer the confirmation
  3. to use or exercise and thereby prove
  4. check the validity of

Cross Translation:
confirmar confirm confirmeren — handel|nld (schriftelijk) bevestigen, bekrachtigen
confirmar confirm; affirm bevestigen — zeggen dat iets is zoals gevraagd is of verondersteld wordt
confirmar confirm bekrachtigen — kracht van wet geven
confirmar confirm beamen — bevestigen dat men het eens is met iets
confirmar confirm; reinforce; reaffirm bekräftigen — (transitiv) etwas mit Nachdruck bestätigen
confirmar confirm; authenticate bestätigen — den Wahrheitsgehalt einer Aussage oder eines Sachverhalts bejahen oder zumindest erhärten
confirmar assent; say yes; assert; state; aver affirmerassurer, soutenir qu’une chose est vraie.
confirmar confirm; corroborate; acknowledge; affirm; establish; uphold confirmer — Faire persister quelqu’un dans une opinion, dans une résolution, l’affermir dans cette opinion, dans cette résolution.