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  1. flujo de trabajo:


Detailed Translations for flujo de trabajo from Spanish to English

flujo de trabajo:

flujo de trabajo

  1. flujo de trabajo
    the workstream
    – An activity that is composed of other activities. Workstreams are the simple building blocks of the process. They may be assigned to single or multiple roles. 1
  2. flujo de trabajo
    the workflow
    – A sequence of activities, actions, or tasks through which documents or items are passed as part of an automated business process. 1
  3. flujo de trabajo
    the workflow
    – A set of instructions that route and queue incoming calls and generate reports to an agent or a set of agents according to adjustable business logic. It defines the user experience of a user who calls a response group. 1

Translation Matrix for flujo de trabajo:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
workflow flujo de trabajo
workstream flujo de trabajo

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