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Detailed Translations for matanza from Spanish to English


matanza [la ~] noun

  1. la matanza (masacre; carnicería)
    the massacre; the bloodbath; the slaughter
  2. la matanza
    the bloodshed; the bloodletting
  3. la matanza
    the slaughter
  4. la matanza (degüello; carnicería)
    the slaughtering; the massacre; the killing off

Translation Matrix for matanza:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bloodbath carnicería; masacre; matanza
bloodletting matanza
bloodshed matanza
killing off carnicería; degüello; matanza
massacre carnicería; degüello; masacre; matanza
slaughter carnicería; masacre; matanza carnicería; masacre; matanza de reses
slaughtering carnicería; degüello; matanza

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Synonyms for "matanza":

Wiktionary Translations for matanza:

  1. killing of animals (also kosher and halal rituals)
  2. killing of people

Cross Translation:
matanza massacre massacreaction de massacrer.
matanza massacre; slaughter massacrertuer, égorger des hommes qui ne se défendent pas.

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