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Detailed Translations for reescribir from Spanish to English


reescribir verb

  1. reescribir
    to revise; to edit; to rewrite
    • revise verb (revises, revised, revising)
    • edit verb (edits, edited, editing)
    • rewrite verb (rewrites, rewrote, rewriting)
  2. reescribir
    to regenerate; to rewrite
    – To write again, especially in situations where information is not permanently recorded, such as RAM or a video display. 1
    • regenerate verb (regenerates, regenerated, regenerating)
    • rewrite verb (rewrites, rewrote, rewriting)
  3. reescribir
    to write back
    – To update a cube cell value, member, or member property value. 1
    • write back verb (writes back, wrote back, writing back)

Translation Matrix for reescribir:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
edit edición; redactarse
revise repaso; revisión
rewrite adaptación
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
edit reescribir dirigir la redacción; editar; modificar; redactar; transcribir
regenerate reescribir regenerar; rejuvenecer; transformar
revise reescribir reformar; rever; revisar
rewrite reescribir alterar; cambiar; convertir; enmendar; modificar; reformar
write back reescribir responder por escrito

Wiktionary Translations for reescribir:

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Cross Translation:
reescribir rewrite umschreibentransitiv: etwas Geschriebenes nochmals bearbeiten
reescribir rewrite réécrire — Écrire à nouveau (1):