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Detailed Translations for rol from Spanish to English


rol [el ~] noun

  1. el rol
    the muster roll
  2. el rol
    the role
    – A group of activities normally (but not always) performed by one person and often implemented with a security group. Often, one person may play multiple roles. 1
  3. el rol
    the role
    – An administrative classification that is associated with a defined set of user rights. 1
  4. el rol
    the persona
    – A fictional reality, collecting together real data describing the important characteristics of a particular user group in a fictional character. A persona describes the typical skills, abilities, needs, desires, working habits, tasks ,and backgrounds of a particular set of users. 1
  5. el rol
    the role
    – A set of software programs that, when installed and properly configured, allows a computer running a Windows Server operating system to perform a specific function for multiple users or other computers within a network. 1
  6. el rol
    the role
    – The name given to each End of an association to clarify the semantics of the relationship. 1
  7. el rol
    the role
    – A symbolic name that defines a class of users for a set of components. Each role defines which users are allowed to invoke interfaces on a component. 1
  8. el rol
    the role
    – A specific part or function in an application or architecture. For example, a Web server, a database server, or a client. 1
  9. el rol (rol de seguridad)
    the role; the security role
    – A defined set of application access privileges. The security role assigned to a user determines which tasks the user can perform and which parts of the user interface the user can view. All users must be assigned at least one security role in order to access the system. 1

Translation Matrix for rol:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
muster roll rol
persona rol
role rol; rol de seguridad cilindro; papel principal; rodillo; rollo
security role rol; rol de seguridad

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Wiktionary Translations for rol:

  1. the expected behavior of an individual in a society

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